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Doctoral Dissertations


Alfred Christopher Wagstaff, Ph.D. 1973

     Dissertation: Make It New: A Study of the American Aspects of Ezra Pound's Cantos

     Disseration Committee: Brom Weber (dir), Robert Wiggins, Karl Shapiro

Karma Waltonen, Ph.D. 2006

     Dissertation: Reading Margaret Atwood in Theory and Practice: Active Reading, Witnessing, and Community

     Dissertation Committee: Lynette Hunter (dir), Gail Finney, Elizabeth Freeman    

Mary Waters, Ph.D. 2001                         

     Dissertation: Professional Literary Criticism by British Women Writers, 1789-1832 : The Nation’s Literature and the Culture of Criticism (not currently shelved in O'Connor Library)

     Dissertation Committee: Kari Lokke (dir), Catherine Robson, David Simpson

Thomas Anthony Weaver, Ph.D. 1974

     Dissertation: Worlds Enough and Time: A Study of the Novels of John Hawkes

     Disseration Committee: James Woodress (dir), David Wilson, Peter Hays

John David Weaver, Ph.D. 1985

     Dissertation: Franz Daniel Pastorius (1651-c. 1720): Early Life in Germany with Glimpses  of his Removal to Pennsylvania 

     Dissertation Committee: Brom Weber (dir), James Woodress, Clifford Bernd             

Mary Frances Rey Weddle, Ph.D. 1971

     Dissertation: Garden and the Wilderness: Traditional Moral Landscape in Hawthorne's Fiction

     Dissertation Committee: James Woodress (dir), Michael Hoffman, Brom Weber

Seymour Leonard Weingart , Ph.D. 1964

     Dissertation:The Form and Meaning of the Impressionist Novel

     Dissertation Committee: William Van O'Connor (dir), Thomas Hanzo, Robert Wiggins

Stephanie Elizabeth Wells, Ph.D. 2000          

     Dissertation: Expatriate Fictions: Sexual Identity, National Identity, and the Imaginary World in 20th-Century American Expatriate Literature

     Dissertation Committee: Alan Williamson (dir), Michael Hoffman, Sandra Gilbert

Brett Westbrook, Ph.D. 1991

     Dissertation: Lillian Hellman: Dramatist in Society (not currently shelved in O'Connor Library)

     Dissertation Committee: Ruby Cohn (dir), Peter Hays, David Silvia 

J. Chris Westgate, Ph.D. 2005                          

    Dissertation: Staging the Metropolis: Theater, Politics & the American City

    Dissertation Committee: Scott Shershow (dir), Lynette Hunter, Bill Worthen

Benjamin Goddman Whitten, Jr., Ph.D. 1971

     Dissertation: Jane Austen's "Comedy of Feeling": A Critical Analysis of Persuasion

     Disseration Committee: Gwedolyn Needham (dir), Arthur McGuinness, Diane Johnson Murray

Anjali Jolene Williams, Ph.D. 2005                  

     Dissertation: Strange Contrasts: Intersubjectivity and the Cohesion of Romance in the Novels of Charlotte Bronte and Jean Rhys

     Dissertation Committee: Patricia Moran (dir), Catherin Robson, Elizabeth Constable

Harry B. Wilson, Ph.D. 1976

     Dissertation: Psychological Projection in Six Romantic Poems, English and American

     Dissertation Committee: Michael Hoffman (dir), David Robertson, James Woodress

Karen Ross Wilson, Ph.D. 2007

     Dissertation: Marriage and the Problem of Evil in Works by John Milton and Margaret Cavendish

     Dissertation Committee: Margaret Ferguson (dir), Frances Dolan, Richard Levin

Lynn Marie Wollstadt, Ph.D. 2002          

    Dissertation: Women and Ballads and Ballad Women: Gender and the History of Scottish Balladry (not currently shelved in O'Connor Library)

    Dissertation Committee: Marijane Osborne (dir), Armistead, Winfried Schleiner

Sonya Elaine Wozniak, Ph.D. 1997

     Dissertation: It's a Wise Child: Illegitimacy in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel

     Dissertation Committee: Patricia Moran (dir), Kari Lokke, Margit Stange


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