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Creative Writing Master's Theses


Sharon Ardith Waechter, M.A. 1985        

     Thesis: Dancing in Circles (Short stories)

     Thesis Committee: William Baker, Karl Zender, Elliot Gilbert

Suzanne Arleen Walther, M.A. 1998    

     Thesis: Altamont Pass (Novel)

     Thesis Committee: Max Byrd, Michael Hoffman, Jack Hicks

Michael Warren, M.A. 1995    

     Thesis: Liquid Theory (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Alan Williamson, Sandra McPherson, Clarence Major

Spring Melody Warren, M.A. 2002     

     Thesis: Miracle of the Natural World (Novel)

     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston, Louis Owens, Jack Hicks

Phoebe Wayne, M.A. 2006                  

     Thesis: Into Scale (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Joshua Clover, Lucy Corin, Alan Williamson

Jeanine Marie Webb, M.A. 2008                  

     Thesis: Pirates Vs. Ninjas (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Joshua Clover, Alan Williamson, Sandra McPherson

Virginia Whitney Weigand, M.A. 2004                  

     Thesis: Sunny Noir (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Alan Williamson, Sandra McPherson, Sandra Gilbert

Jessica Weintraub, M.A. 2000 

     Thesis: Daisy Chains: Poems (not currently shelved in O'Connor)

     Thesis Committee: Sandra McPherson, Gary Snyder, Alan Williamson   

Patricia Marie Welze, M.A. 2001    

     Thesis: The Snow Queen (Novel)

     Thesis Committee: Louis Owens, Pam Houston, Blake Stimson       

William Arnold Westwater, M.A. 1995     

     Thesis: Will (Short stories)

     Thesis Committee: Jane Vandenburgh, Linda Morris, Max Byrd

Charles Wheeler, M.A. 1986        

     Thesis: Snakewalk (Novel)

     Thesis Committee: Jack Hicks, William Baker, Marijane Osborn

Aimee Whitenack, M.A. 2006                  

     Thesis: The Vacationers (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Lucy Corin, Pam Houston, Lynn Freed

Cathleen April Williams, M.A. 2005                  

     Thesis: Nighthanger (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Clarence Major, Francisco Alarcon, Joe Wenderoth

Naomi Williams, M.A. 2007                  

     Thesis: The King's Voyage and Other Stories (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston, Lucy Corin, Alessa Johns

Kate Jean Wilson, M.A. 2005                  

     Thesis: My Favorite Part is the Running (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Lucy Corin, Pam Houston, Lynn Freed

Leonore Marie Wilson, M.A. 1986     

     Thesis: Without Choice (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Sandra McPherson, Alan Williamson, William Baker

Marc Wise, M.A. 2008                  

     Thesis: The Other Mark Wise Or American Studies, Selected Writings of Dennis Herlofski (Fiction/Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston, Joe Wenderoth, Greg Dobbins

Mark Wisniewski , M.A. 1991     

     Thesis: Pacts (Short stories)

     Thesis Committee: Elizabeth Tallent, Clarence Major, Jack Hicks

Lani Wolf, M.A. 2001 

     Thesis: Hello, Jesus. Can I Buy You a Drink? Part I and Three Stories: "The Word Never"; "Helium Balloon"; "Spell Rose" (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Lynn Freed, Louis Owens, Clarence Major

Leslie Kirsten Woodside, M.A. 1993             

     Thesis: The First Room (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Alan Williamson, Sandra Gilbert, Sandra McPherson

Martin Woodside, M.A. 2003                  

     Thesis: Guns and Butter (Novel)

     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston, Lynn Freed, Greg Dobbins

Denise Ann Wunibald, M.A. 1985     

     Thesis: The Push and Pull of It (Short stories)

     Thesis Committee: William Baker, Elliot Gilbert, Alan Williamson      


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