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Creative Writing Master's Theses


Alison Hodges Taite, M.A. 1999        

     Thesis: Wai Mele, Ahi Mele: Water Chant, Fire Chant (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Sandra McPherson, Sandra Gilbert, Gary Snyder

Laura Catherine (Luna) Taylor, M.A. 2005                  

     Thesis: Blue Gypsy, Redfish (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston, Lucy Corin, Sandra McPherson

Melanie Thorne, M.A. 2006                  

     Thesis: I Come From That Place (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston, Lucy Corin, Joe Wenderoth

Stephen James Thorpe, M.A. 1977               

     Thesis: Running Down the Main Drag (Novel)

     Thesis Committee: Elliot Gilbert, William Baker, Diane Johnson Murray

Michael C. Tighe, M.A. 1975                  

     Thesis: Season of Epiphany: A Play in Three Acts (Drama)

     Thesis Committee: Michael Hoffman, Elliot Gilbert, Peter Hays, Karl Shapiro

Marilyn Jones Toedter, M.A. 1982     

     Thesis: Full Circle (Novel)

     Thesis Committee: Oakley Hall, Max Byrd, Diane Johnson

Sabrina Tom, M.A. 2005                  

     Thesis: Your Face Will Be My Face: Short Stories

     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston, Lucy Corin, Lynn Freed

Michael Carl Trulson, M.A. 1991              

     Thesis: Tasting the Rain: A Collection of Stories (Short stories)

     Thesis Committee: Elizabeth Tallent, Max Byrd, David Robertson

Matthew David Tzuker, M.A. 2003                  

     Thesis: Summer Holidays (Short stories)

     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston, Karen Joy Fowler, David Robertson



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