The William Van O'Connor Library

Using the Computer Catalogue

Searching for Journals

Note: Most of the information you need about the library's Journal Collection is accessible through this website.  The computer catalogue does provide further information about the library's journal holdings; for example, you'll want to search the computer catalogue to find out if the library has received the most recent issue of a journal or if the library holds a certain index of the journal.  The computer catalogue also records any duplicate copies the library holds; these extra copies are in storage and are not accessible for patron use.

Instructions & Tips

    (1) Find the Journal EndNote catalogue located in the middle of the library computer desktop and double-click on the icon.

   (2) In the window that opens up, scroll down until you find the desired journal title and click on that title.


        Use the search function to look for a desired journal title:

                (a) Type Control + F

                (b) In the search window that opens up, type as much of the journal title as you want.

                (c) In the window that opens up, select the title of the journal you are looking for.

   (3) In the window that opens up, scroll down to "Library Holdings" to see if the library has the journal issue you want.

            (a) Under "Library Holdings," check the "Missing" category to ensure that the issue you want isn't permanently missing from the library
            collection.  Then check which section of the library houses the resource you are looking for.  If there is no additional information provided,
            the journal is located in the 
English Department's Journal Collection.  Journal holdings in the Campus Writing Center Collection are specifically marked.

            (b) Check the "Notes" at the bottom of the journal entry to see if the University Library subscribes to the journal online.

   (4) Go to the Journal Collection to locate the issue you want.

            (*) The Journal Collection is organized alphabetically and starts on the outside of the U of bookshelves in the southeast corner of the library.

   (5) If you cannot find the journal issue you are looking for, check back again soon.  A library patron may have borrowed it recently.


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