The William Van O'Connor Library

Using the Computer Catalogue

Searching for Books

Instructions & Tips

    (1) Find the "englibrary" or "Campus Writing Center" EndNote catalogue located in the middle of the library computer desktop and double-
click on the icon.

   (2) Use the search function to look for a desired volume or set of volumes by a variety of criteria:

                (a)  Type Control + F
                (b) In the search window that opens up, select the field you wish to search or keep the default "Any Field."
(c) Enter the criterion you wish to search by.  Meaningful searches can be made in any of the following fields:
Provide information in the format "Last Name, First Name/First Initial"
Title or parts of title
Series Title or Series Editor (if applicable)
Place of publication
Library of Congress call number (This search option is available for most volumes.)
Notes (search for "Faculty" or "Emeritus" to find relevant publications)   
(d) In the window that opens up, select the desired volume(s).
(e) Check the book reference or references that appear.  The "Label" and "Notes" sections can tell you if there are multiple copies of
                a book or, in the English Library Collection,  if the book is located in the 
Faculty & Emeritus Publications collection and, if so, which
                section.  For the Campus Writing Center Collection, the "Label" section will give you a call number and/or shelf area so you can locate
volume(s) you want quickly.


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