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Poonam Sachdev, Ph.D. 2008

     Dissertation: The 'Gypsy' As Muse and Metaphor: Modernity, Mobility and a People's Struggle for Subjectivity

     Dissertation Committee: Neil Larsen (dir), Georges Van den Abbeele, Gayatri Gopinath, Elizabeth Freeman    

Nelson Christian Sager, Ph.D. 1974

     Dissertation: The Crisis of Identity in the Anglo-Indian Fiction of Rudyard Kipling

     Disseration Committee: Michael Hoffman (dir), Peter Hays, Alan Stambusky

Rebecca Sammel, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Irreverence and Authority: A Study of Medieval Parody in Latin and Middle English (not currently shelved in O'Connor Library)

     Dissertation Committee: James Murphy (dir), Traill, Caron Cioffi

David Roland Sanderson, Ph.D. 1969

     Dissertation: English Prose of the Romantic Age: The Matter of Style

     Dissertation Committee: John Hayden (dir), Elliot Gilbert, Robert Hopkins

Stephanie L. Sarver, Ph.D. 1996

     Dissertation: Uneven Land: Nature and Agriculture in American Writing

     Dissertation Committee: David Robertson (dir), David Van Leer, Margit Stange, James Marois

Kirsten Teresa Saxton, Ph.D. 1996

     Dissertation: Deadly Plots: Narratives of Women and Murder in Augustan England

     Dissertation Committee: Sandra Gilbert (dir), Kari Lokke, Alessa Johns

Karen Schaafsma, Ph.D. 1990

     Dissertation: Beyond the Between: The Paradoxical Journey of Fantasy Literature

     Dissertation Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), David Robertson, Roland Holrmann

Alice Marie Scharper, Ph.D. 1997

     Dissertation: The Golden Thread: Younghill Kang and the Origins of Korean American Literature

     Dissertation Committee: Michael Kramer (dir), David Van Leer, Clarence Major

Katrina Kathleen Schimmoeller, Ph.D. 1998

     Dissertation: Humor in the House: Wendell Berry, Rachel Carson, Edward Abbey, and Louise Erdrich

     Dissertation Committee: David Robertson (dir), Linda Morris, Gary Snyder

Jodi Rene Schorb, Ph.D. 2006        

     Dissertation: From Sodomy to Indian Death: Sexuality, Race, and Structures of Feeling in Early American Execution Narratives (not currently shelved in O'Connor Library)

     Dissertation Committee: David Van Leer (dir), Elizabeth Freeman, Linda Morris

Marilyn Merritt Schwartz, Ph.D. 1976

     Dissertation: From Beat to Beatific: Religious Ideas in the Writings of Kerouac, Ginsberg, and Corso

     Disseration Committee: Brom Weber (dir), Michael Hoffman, Karl Shapiro

Niklaus Rudolf Schweizer, Ph.D. 1968

     Dissertation: The Ut pictura poesis Controversy in Eighteenth-Century England and Germany

     Dissertation Committee: Gwendolyn Needham (dir), Linda Van Norden, Edward Honig   

Gerda Ree Segall Seaman, Ph.D. 1974

     Dissertation: The Equivocal Satire of Thomas Nashe

     Disseration Committee: Elliot Gilbert (dir), Diane Johnson Murray, Michael Hoffman

Julie Christine Sears, Ph.D. 2004                   

     Dissertation: Discursive Deviance and the Politics of Perversity in the Novels of Kathy Acker

     Dissertation Committee: Patricia Moran (dir), Elizabeth Freeman, Gayatri Gopinath

Eric Paul Shaffer, Ph.D. 1991

     Dissertation: All Come To This: The Life and Works of Lew Welch in the Context of the Twentieth Century

     Dissertation Committee: David Robertson (dir), Alan Williamson, Gary Snyder

Cheryl Ann Shell, Ph.D. 2001                         

     Dissertation: "A Peasant Stand Up Thus": Forms of Lower Class Resistance in Shakespeare's Plays

     Dissertation Committee: Richard Levin (dir), Margaret Ferguson, Winfried Schleiner

Elaine Cottler Showalter, Ph.D. 1970

     Dissertation: Double Standard: Criticism of Women Writers in England, 1845-1880

     Dissertation Committee: Gwendolyn Needham (dir), Robert Wiggins, Elliot Gilbert

Don W. Sieker, Ph.D. 1975

     Dissertation: Henry Fielding as Playwright: A Study of Relationships between Comic Drama and Moral Purpose

     Disseration Committee: Robert Hopkins (dir), Joan Carr, Robert Fahrner

Alan J. Silva, Ph.D. 1993

     Dissertation: Rituals of Empowerment: Politics and Rhetoric in the Puritan Election Sermon

     Dissertation Committee: David Van Leer (dir), Michael Kramer, Margit Stange

Scott Allan Simmon, Ph.D. 1979

     Dissertation: The Ulysses Tradition: Open and Closed Form in the Novels of James Joyce, William Gaddis, and Thoman Pynchon

     Disseration Committee: Michael Hoffman (dir), Peter Hays, Jack Hicks      

Eric Smith, Ph.D. 1999        

     Dissertation: Dwelling in Impermanence: Identity, Change, and Literature of Place (not currently shelved in O'Connor Library)

     Dissertation Committee: David Robertson (dir), Gary Snyder, Jack Hicks

Jeffrey Ross Smith, Ph.D. 2007        

     Dissertation: Hazardous Reconstitutions: Imitation and the Production of the Self in Late Nineteenth-Century American Fiction

     Dissertation Committee: Linda Morrs (dir), Elizabeth Freeman, Karl Zender

Thomas Smyth, Ph.D. 2001                         

     Dissertation: Expatriate Identity and the Modernist Metropolis (not currently shelved in O'Connor Library)

     Dissertation Committee: Michael Hoffman (dir), Peter Hays, Patricia Moran

Stewart Speakman, Ph.D. 1972

     Dissertation: Wit, Humor, and Sensibility in Evelina, Belinda and Northanger Abbey

     Disseration Committee: Gwedolyn Needham (dir), Robert Hopkins

Edgar Larry Squires, Ph.D. 1966

     Dissertation: The Necessity for Self-awakening in the Scientific Romances and Early Social Novels of H. G. Wells

     Disseration Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), William Van O'Connor

Carole Schauls Stahlkopf, Ph.D. 1973

     Dissertation: Rhetoric and Comic Technique in Richard Brinsley Sheridan's The Rivals and The School for Scandal

     Disseration Committee: Gwendolyn Needham (dir), Robert Fahrner, Elizabeth Homann

Michael James Steffes, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Bitter Arcadia: The Old European Wild in Sidney, Spenser, and Shakespeare

     Dissertation Committee: Winfried Schleiner (dir), Richard Levin, Gary Snyder

John Albert Stenzel, Ph.D. 1990

     Dissertation: Shakespeare's Comedies of Awareness: Scenic Structure, Multiple Perspective and Characterization

     Dissertation Committee: Richard Levin (dir), Winfreid Schleiner, Robert Sarlos

Peter Stansfield Stephenson, Ph.D. 1969

     Dissertation: Three Playwright-Novelists: The Contribution of Dramatic Techniques to Restoration and Early Eighteenth-century Prose Fiction

     Disseration Committee: Gwendolyn Needham (dir), Linda Van Norden, Robert Hopkins

Andrew Strombeck, Ph.D. 2003                            

     Dissertation: None Dare Call It Masculinity: The Subject of Post-Kennedy Conspiracy Theory (not currently shelved in O'Connor Library)

     Dissertation Committee: David Simpson (dir), Richardson, Raley (UCSB), Michael Hoffman

Kella De Castro Svetich, Ph.D. 2005                

    Dissertation: Flesh and Blood: Colonial Trauma and Abjection in Contemporary Filipino American Fiction

    Dissertation Committee: Karen Shimakawa (dir), Michael Hoffman, Patricia Moran, Richard Kim



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