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Doctoral Dissertations


Bryan De Witt Reddick, Ph.D. 1969

     Dissertation: Tone in Dramatic Narrative

     Disseration Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), Michael Hoffman, Peter Hays

Martin Stephen Regal, Ph.D. 1991

     Dissertation: The Treatment of Time in the Works of Harold Pinter

     Dissertation Committee: Ruby Cohn (dir), William Kleb, Peter Hays

John Vincent Regan, Ph.D. 1972

     Dissertation: The Christian Structure of Pope's Dunciad

     Disseration Committee: Arthur McGuinness (dir), Gwendolyn Needham, Robert Hopkins

Sondra Reid, Ph.D. 1991

     Dissertation: 1855: An Essay in American Literary History (not currently shelved in O'Connor Library)

     Dissertation Committee: Michael Kramer (dir), Michael Hoffman, Linda Morris

David Arthur Reinheimer, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Renaissance Uses of the Inset Play: Metadramaturgy and the Construction of Performance

     Dissertation Committee: Raymond Waddington (dir), Winfried Schleiner, Karl Zender

Norman Stanley Roby, Ph.D. 1972

     Dissertation: The Secret Self of George Meredith: A Study of His Heroes

     Dissertation Committee: Diane Johnson Murray (dir), William Baker, Michael Hoffman

 Kevin Padriac Roddy, Ph.D. 1972

     Dissertation: "Who is This King of Glory?": The Epic Element in English Cycle Drama

     Disseration Committee: Elizabeth Homann (dir), Daniel Silvia, Robert Sarlos

Rod Anthony Romesburg, Ph.D. 1999        

     Dissertation: Butterfly in the Garden: Chaos Theory and Contemporary Nature Writing

     Dissertation Committee: David Robertson (dir), Gary Snyder, Jack Hicks

Judith Mary Rose, Ph.D. 1998

     Dissertation: "The First Fruits of a Woman's Wit:" Re-appropriation of the Metaphor of Conception by Early Modern Women

     Dissertation Committee: Raymond Waddington (dir), Juliana Schiesari, Louise Schleiner

Robert Eno Russell, Ph.D. 1966

     Dissertation: Dryden's Juvenal and Persius

     Dissertation Committee: Gwendolyn Needham (dir), Linda Van Norden, Edward Honig   


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