The William Van O'Connor Library


As the English Department library, the O'Connor Library is available to the department's faculty and graduate students.  Undergraduate students who are taking graduate seminars and require access to the library should consult with their instructors and the English Peer Advisers.

The O'Connor Library is a small library serving a small community in a relaxed and informal environment.  We have no draconian rules: we just want everyone to find the library a useful resource and a safe and comfortable place in which to study.  Help us achieve these goals by abiding by the library policies, explanations of which can be viewed by clicking on the links below.


With the exception of the Lannan Video collections, the William Van O'Connor Library is a non-circulating reference library. 

Computer Use:

The O'Connor Library computer is set up to help patrons locate sources.  Use the computer catalogue to identify sources held in the library, or check the University Library website to see if that library has a source you need.  For tips on how to search the library computer catalogue, go to Using the Computer Catalogue

We have only one computer, and it is important to make that resource accessible to patrons who need to search the computer catalogue for specific sources.  Use of the computer for e-mail or web-surfing, while not prohibited, should be strictly limited.  Always be prepared to yield the computer to a patron in need of library resources. 

Do not use the library computer to write papers.  

Food and Windows:

Please keep the windows closed at all times and close the blinds when you leave the library. Deposit your crumbs and food-related trash items in bins outside of the library.


When you are done with items you have used in the library, you are most welcome to return these items to the places on the shelves from which you got them. If  you are unsure about where to place an item, please put that item on the librarian's desk or on the bookshelf next to the graduate seminar reserve readings, located immediately to your left as you enter the library; the librarian will re-shelve volumes left in these locations. Books left lying about on the library desks and tables may be re-shelved immediately.  If you have been working in the library with some volumes and have left to take a break, be sure to leave a note to the librarian explaining that you still wish to use the items you have taken off the shelves.  Otherwise, you may find your sources back on the shelves when you return to the library. Please do not leave any personal items in the library.

When you are done with items you have borrowed from the library, please return them promptly to the library.  You may re-shelve such items yourself, place them in the library box in the English Department mailroom, or leave them on the bookshelf next to the graduate seminar readings, located immediately to your left as you enter the library.


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