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The Master's Thesis Collection, around 200 volumes in all, ranges from theses written in 1975 to those produced by the most recent graduates of the English Department's M.A. program in Creative Writing.  In addition, the collection includes the Master's theses of students who opt to earn the M.A. degree in English and American Literature from UC Davis on the way to earning a Ph.D.  All works are normally bound in red. Some older analytical works are bound in blue.  The entire collection is organized alphabetically by author's last name.

Browse through the online catalogue alphabetically by author's last name or chronologically by year of graduation by clicking on the links below.  Note that here Master's theses on topics of English literature are displayed separately from the creative writing Master's theses.  In the creative writing section, if a letter is not highlighted, the department owns no Master's theses  written by people whose last names begin with that letter.

Creative Writing Theses

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English Literature Theses: 1993-present

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