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Doctoral Dissertations


Ronald Levitt Lanyi, Ph.D. 1977

     Dissertation: Comic Book Creativity as Displaced Aggression

     Disseration Committee: William Baker (dir), Arthur Amos Jr., David Wilson

Carl Judson Launius, Ph.D. 1988

     Dissertation: It Was A Flood: The Life And Poetry Of Frank Sanford

     Dissertation Committee: Diane Johnson (dir), Jack Hicks, David Robertson

Andrea Caroline Lawson, Ph.D. 2008

     Dissertation: Reading Farewell Gifts in Early Modern Drama and Poetry

     Dissertation Committee: Frances Dolan (dir), Claire Waters, Margaret Ferguson    

Richard Vincent Leahy, Ph.D. 1971

     Dissertation: The Divine Plan for Salvation in the Medieval Saints' Legends

     Disseration Committee: Elizabeth Homann (dir), Wayne Harsh, Valerie Tumins

Catherine Carr Lee, Ph.D. 1993

     Dissertation: Hawthorne's Witches: Representations of Gender and Deviance

     Dissertation Committee: David Van Leer (dir), Michael Kramer, Sandra Gilbert

John Leonard, Ph.D. 1996

     Dissertation: A Redaction of the Manuscript Copy of Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemingway

     Dissertation Committee: Peter Hays (dir), Karl Zender, David Robertson

Susan Jo Leonardi, Ph.D. 1986

     Dissertation: A Dangerous Thing: Somerville College and the Somerville Novelists, 1912-1922

     Dissertation Committee: Sandra Gilbert (dir), Diane Johnson, Thomas Hanzo

David Linebarger, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Wallace Stevens and Modern Music : from Stravinsky to John Cage (not currently shelved in O'Connor Library)

     Dissertation Committee: David Robertson (dir), Sandra Gilbert, Alan Williamson

Jennifer Samaine Lockwood, Ph.D. 2006

     Dissertation: Recollecting a Region: Gender, Tourism, and the Literature of New England, 1870-1900

     Dissertation Committee: Elizabeth Freeman (dir), Linda Morris, Karen Halttunen    

Sharon Ann Locy, Ph.D. 1975

     Dissertation: Of Two Minds: Arthur Symons and the Symbolist Dilemma

     Dissertation Committee: Elliot Gilbert (dir), Diane Johnson Murray, Thomas Hanzo

Thomas Earl Logan, Ph.D. 1999

     Dissertation: Cutting Across Time: Film Techniques in Pre-Cinematic Works (not currently shelved in O'Connor Library)

      Dissertation Committee: Michael Hoffman (dir), Marijane Osborn, David Van Leer

Susan Ruth Lonac, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Myth and the Maternal: The Novels of Charlotte Brontë

     Dissertation Committee: Kari Lokke (dir), Sandra Gilbert, Patricia Moran

Robert Edward Lougy, Ph.D. 1966

     Dissertation: Thematic Imagery and Symbolic Action in the Poetry of Algernon Charles Swinburne

     Dissertation Committee:

George William Ludington, Ph.D. 1973

     Dissertation: Tristram Shandy's Conversations with his Readers

     Disseration Committee: Gwendolyn Needham (dir), Elliot Gilbert, Thomas Hanzo

Timothy James Lulofs, Ph.D. 1984

     Dissertation: Fathers and Sons in Mark Twain's Fiction

     Dissertation Committee: Brom Weber (dir), Wayne Harsh, Robert Wiggins

Roland Hazen Lyford, Ph.D. 1968

     Dissertation: Grammatical Categories in Robert Frost's Blank Verse: A Quantitative Analysis

     Dissertation Committee: Brom Weber (dir), Robert Wiggins, Wayne Harsh

James Joseph Lynch, Ph.D. 1972

     Dissertation: The Mediating Figure in Shakespeare

     Disseration Committee: Elizabeth Homann (dir), Linda Van Norden, Peter Hays

Eve Mary Lynch, Ph.D. 1996

     Dissertation: Domestic Empires: The Victorian Servant and the British Literary Imagination

     Dissertation Committee: Sandra Gilbert (dir), Patrica Moran, Catherine Robson

Joy Margaret Lynch, Ph.D. 1997

     Dissertation: Mastering the Wilderness Within: The Sexual Body in Contemporary Ethnic American Literature

     Dissertation Committee: David Van Leer (dir), Margit Stange


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