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Creative Writing Master's Theses


Brian Andrew Larsen, M.A. 2004                  

     Thesis: For Your Consideration (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Lynn Freed, Pam Houston, Clarence Major

Heather Lee, M.A. 1999              

     Thesis: Naked Money (Novel)

     Thesis Committee: Clarence Major, Sandra Mcpherson, Michael Hoffman

Jeffrey Michael Lipkis, M.A. 1978              

     Thesis: Climbing and Other Stories (Short stories)

     Thesis Committee: Elliot Gilbert, Sandra Gilbert, William Baker

Thomas Scott Listmann, M.A. 1977                

    Thesis: The Raisin Queen and Other Poems (Poetry)

    Thesis Committee: Karl Shapiro, Sandra Gilbert, William Baker

Theresa Marie Love, M.A. 1989     

     Thesis: Things That Can't Be Said (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Sandra McPherson, Gary Snyder, Alan Williamson

Barbara Jean Lowry, M.A. 1985              

     Thesis: A Novel: Sugar and Spice (Novel)

    Thesis Committee: William Baker, Karl Zender, Elliot Gilbert

John Alfred Lukas, M.A. 1975                 

     Thesis: Drown Every Mouth (Novel)

     Thesis Committee: Elliot Gilbert, William Baker, Diane Johnson Murray

Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum, M.A. 2003                  

     Thesis: What Cannot Be Let Go Of: A Collection of Short Fiction (Short stories)

     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston, Lynn Freed, Bishnu Ghosh

Patrick Timothy Lynch, M.A. 1991      

     Thesis: Snap Line and Other Stories (Short stories)

     Thesis Committee: Elizabeth Tallent, Max Byrd, Clarence Major

Kyhl David Lyndgaard, M.A. 2002          

     Thesis: Whatever Comes Next (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Lynn Freed, Pam Houston, Clarence Major 

Janina Lynne, M.A. 1988       

     Thesis: A Bed in the Street and Other Poems (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Alan Williamson, Sandra McPherson, Michael Hoffman



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