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Doctoral Dissertations


Kathleen Marie Kalpin, Ph.D. 2005               

     Dissertation: Charming Tongues: Representations of Women's Speech in Early Modern England

     Dissertation Committee: Margaret Ferguson (dir), Bill Worthen, Richard Levin, Frances Dolan

Roy Osamu Kamada, Jr., Ph.D. 2005             

     Dissertation: Postcolonial Romanticisms: Landscape and the Possibilities of Inheritance in the Work of Jamaica Kincaid, Garrett Hongo and Derek Walcott

     Dissertation Committee: David Simpson (dir), Riche Richardson, Linda Morris

Michael Shannon Kearns, Ph.D. 1980

     Dissertation: ANATOMY OF THE MIND. Mid-Nineteenth-Century Psychology and the Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne,Charlotte Brontë, Charles Dickens and Herman Melville

     Dissertation Committee: Elliot Gilbert (dir), Jarvis Bastrain, Michael Hoffman

Glenn Keyser, Ph.D. 2003                                

     Dissertation: Transitional London: Anxiety and Urban Representation the British Novel, 1859-1934

     Dissertation Committee: Patricia Moran (dir), Michael Hoffman, Joanne Feit Diehl

Christian John Kiefer, Ph.D. 2006        

     Dissertation: A Specifically Human Truth: Fiction and History in the American West (not currently shelved in O'Connor Library)

     Dissertation Committee: Jack Hicks (dir), Michael Hoffman, Alan Williamson

Christine Elizabeth King, Ph.D. 1996

     Dissertation: Frank Norris' Argument for Naturalism

     Dissertation Committee: Michael Hoffman (dir), Linda Morris, Peter Dale

Dixie Lee King, Ph.D. 1988

     Dissertation: Marriage and Sexuality in Paradise Lost: Milton and the Puritans

     Dissertation Committee: Richard Levin (dir), Winfried Schleiner, Karl Zender

Andrew Kirk, Ph.D. 1993

     Dissertation: The "Mirror of Confusion": The Representation of French History in English Renaissance Drama (not currently shelved in O'Connor Library)

     Dissertation Committee: Raymond Waddington, Winfried Schleiner, Karl Zender

Yvette Kisor, Ph.D. 2001                               

    Dissertation: The Inner Beowulf: Theories of Structure and Composition of the Poem and Their Implications for Modern Readers

    Dissertation Committee: Marijane Osborne (dir), David Thraill, Emily Albu

Charles Terry Kollerer, Ph.D. 1974

     Dissertation: The Valved Voice: A Stylistic Analysis of Whitman's 1855 Leaves of Grass

     Disseration Committee: James Woodress (dir), Wayne Harsh, Michael Hoffman

Gary Paul Konas, Ph.D. 1993

     Dissertation: From Gershwin to Sondheim: The Pulitzer Prize-winning Musicals

     Dissertation Committee: Peter Hays, William Kleb, David Van Leer

Marcelline Krafchick, Ph.D. 1985

     Dissertation: World Without Heroes: The Brooklyn Novels of Daniel Fuchs

     Dissertation Committee: Peter Hays (dir), Karl Zender, Michael Kramer

Mary Diane Frances Krantz, Ph.D. 1994

     Dissertation: The Life and Text of Julian of Norwich: The Poetics of Enclosure

     Dissertation Committee: Marijane Osborn (dir), James Murphy, Mary Giles

Erika Kreger, Ph.D. 2000

     Dissertation: Plain speaking : American Women Writers and the Periodical Sketch Form, 1820-1870 (not currently shelved in O'Connor Library)

     Dissertation Committee: Joanne Feit Diehl (dir), Linda Morris, Halttunen

Neal David Kreitzer, Ph.D. 1974

     Dissertation: The Quest for Identity in the Novels of Bernard Malamud

     Disseration Committee: Karl Shapiro (dir), Robert Hopkins, Thomas Hanzo


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