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Doctoral Dissertations


Martin Michael Japtok, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Growing Up Ethnic: African American and Jewish American Literary Perspectives Compared

     Dissertation Committee: Michael Kramer (dir), Linda Morris, Patricia Turner

Allan James Johnston, Ph.D. 1988

     Dissertation: Reinventing the Metaphors: Towards an Ecological Aesthetics in the Writings of Robinson Jeffers, Kenneth Rexroth, and Gary Snyder

     Dissertation Committee: Jack Hicks (dir), David Robertson, Alan Williamson

Jennifer Diann Jones, Ph.D. 2008

     Dissertation: Noteworthy Fiction: The Function of Voice, Music, and Silence in the Novels of George Eliot

     Dissertation Committee: Peter Dale (dir), Catherine Robson, Christopher Reynolds

Marilyn Crawford Jones, Ph.D. 1990

     Dissertation: On Her Own Premises: The Life, Politics, and Art of Meridel Le Sueur

     Dissertation Committee: Jack Hicks (dir), Diane Johnson Murray

Steven Swann Jones, Ph.D. 1979

     Dissertation: The Construction of the Folktale

     Disseration Committee: Peter Hays (dir), Alan Dundes, David Robertson, Daniel Crowley

Jessica Jordan, Ph.D. 2008

     Dissertation: Sex and the Goddess: Hyper-Femininity in American Film

     Disseration Committee: Scott Simmon (dir), Marijane Osborne, Kari Lokke

Alice Eileen Jurish, Ph.D. 1985

     Dissertation: And What is Fate But Love? A Study of Marriage and Passion in the Works of Henry James

     Dissertation Committee: James Woodress (dir), Everett Carter, Robert Wiggins


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