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Lannan Video Catalogue

An asterisk (*) following the name of the author indicates that the artist is also featured in the video Where Poems Come From, filed under the letter "W."


Forché, Carolyn (1994)

        * Author:                                    Carolyn Forché

        * Interviewer:                          Michael Silverblatt 

        * Director:                                 Dan Griggs/Media Revolution

        * Running time:                         94 minutes

From the video jacket:

"Carolyn Forché, the author of three books of poems, meditates in her work on the brutality and injustices of the 20th century. She edited the anthology Against Forgetting: Twentieth-Century Poetry of Witness, which is a testimony of poets from five continents who have borne witness to war, torture, exile, and repression. Ms. Forché, who received a Lannan Literary Award for Poetry, read the entire text of The Angel of History and talked with Michael Silverblatt on May 24, 1994, in Los Angeles.

"Michael Silverblatt is the producer and host of the highly acclaimed 'Bookworm,' a literary interview program broadcast on public radio stations nationwide."


Ford, Richard (1997)

        * Author:                                   Richard Ford*

        * Interviewer:                          Marzorati, Gerald 

        * Director:                                 Dan Griggs/Media Revolution

        * Running time:                         60 minutes

From the video jacket:

"Richard Ford, born in 1944, in Jackson, Mississippi, has written five novels and two collections of stories, including Women with Men; Independence Day, which received the Pulitzer Prize and the PEN/Faulkner Award; and The Sportswriter. Mr. Ford, who read from Independence Day on December 10, 1996, said, 'It became clear to me that exploring issues [such as] shelter, money, as well as our sense of well-being on the planet, I could write a book that had in it an inquiry about the American spirit.'

"Gerald Marzorati is the author of A Painter of Darkness: Leon Golub and Our Time, which won the 1991 PEN/Martha Albrand Award. He is the Articles Editor of the New York Times."


Fuentes, Carlos (1989)

        * Author:                                    Carlos Fuentes

        * Interviewer:                            Lewis MacAdams

        * Producers and Directors:       Lewis MacAdams and John Dorr

                                                            Metropolitan Pictures and EZTV

        * Running time:                         66 minutes

From the video jacket: "Carlos Fuentes, one of Mexico's most celebrated writers, has a rich and varied body of work, including criticism, short stories, plays, and essays. Mr. Fuentes, who had served as Mexico's ambassador to France, read in Spanish and English from The Death of Artemio Cruz, Christopher Unborn, and unpublished manuscripts in Los Angeles on October 2, 1989. Carlos Fuentes was interviewed by poet Lewis MacAdams."


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