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English Literature Master's Theses from 1993-Present


Brett Edward Eckelberg, M.A. 1993
     Thesis Title:  
The Matter of the Mother: Encoding of the Mother in H. D.'s Poetry and Prose

     Thesis Committee: Michael Hoffman, Sandra Gilbert, David Robertson


Danielle Cunniff Plumer, M.A. 1994
     Thesis Title:
Lineation and Meter in Old English Poetry
Thesis Committee:
Caron Cioffi, James Murphey, David Robertson


Kathryn R. Remen, M.A. 1996
     Thesis Title: 
The Presence, Absence, and Implications of Female Community in Late Eighteenth-Century British Women's Fiction
Thesis Committee:
Kari Lokke, Sandra Gilbert, David Robertson


Glenn Keyser, M.A. 1997
     Thesis Title: 
Victorian Schizopolis: Urban Anxiety and Urban Representation in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Thesis Committee:
Patricia Moran, Joanne Feit Diehl, Michael Hoffman


Suzanne R. Moser, M.A. 1998
     Thesis Title: 
Double Selves: Katherine Mansfield's Encounters with Her Mother's Legacy in "Prelude" and "At the Bay"

     Thesis Committee:
Patricia Moran, Joanne Feit Diehl, Michael Hoffman


Katie Kalpin, M.A. 2000
     Thesis Title: 
When the spectacle of power spectacularly fails: revenge through the masque in The Spanish Tragedy, The Revenger’s Tragedy, and
     Women Beware Women
(Not Currently Shelved in O'Connor)
     Thesis Committee: Margaret Ferguson, Richard Levin


Melissa Fay Conner, M.A. 2001
     Thesis Title: 
"The Customer is Always Wrong": Eyes Wide Shut's "Forced Happy Ending"

     Thesis Committee: Scott Simmon, Patricia Moran, Don Abbott

Blythe Creamer, M.A. 2001
     Thesis Title: 
Queering the scene: performativity and recreativity in rave culture (Not Currently Shelved in O'Connor)
     Thesis Committee: David Van Leer, Don Abbott, Elizabeth Freeman

Elizabeth Dumont, M.A. 2001
     Thesis Title: 
Jorie Graham’s apology to the reader (Not Currently Shelved in O'Connor)
     Thesis Committee:
Joanne Feit Diehl, Clarence Major, Don Abbott

Eden Koren Osucha, M.A. 2001
     Thesis Title: 
Queerly Beloved: Maternal Desire and Lesbian Signification in a Novel of Slavery
Thesis Committee:
Margaret Ferguson, Linda Morris, Riche Richardson


Tamar Baskind, M.A. 2002
     Thesis Title:
Intentional Polysemy in 'The Wife's Lament

     Thesis Committee: Marijane Osborn, Claire Waters, Seeta Chaganti

Maura Kathleen Grady, M.A. 2002
     Thesis Title: 
"I Felt Funny about This Job Right Off": Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs and the Death of the Organization Man
Thesis Committee:
David Van Leer, Judith Newton, Scott Simmon


Jordana Clare Ashman, M.A. 2003
     Thesis Title: Saints Preserved: Mysticism, Myth and History in Seamus Heaney's Bog Poems
Thesis Committee:
Sandra Gilbert, Gregory Dobbins, Karl Zender

Lyle Cloud Kerzner, M.A. 2003
     Thesis Title: 
Living Fictions: Tarzan of the Apes, The Black Stallion and the American Adventure Imaginary

     Thesis Committee: Bishnu Ghosh, Riche Richardson, Elizabeth Freeman

Laura Maestrelli, M.A. 2003
     Thesis Title: 
Jesting With Saints: Catholic Hagiography and Shakespeare's Measure for Measure
     Thesis Committee:
Claire Waters, Margaret Ferguson, Richard Levin

Tony R. Magagna, M.A. 2003
     Thesis Title: 
Chipped Glass: Flawed Perfection and Explanation in Hapworth 16, 1924

     Thesis Committee: Jack Hicks, Karl Zender, Michael Hoffman

Poonam Sachdev, M.A. 2003
     Thesis Title: 
Laying Claim to History: Questioning the Authenticity of Local Color Literature in the Construction of America's Identity
Thesis Committee:
David Simpson, Elizabeth Freeman, Inés Hernandez-Avila

Elizabeth Amy Warden, M.A. 2003
     Thesis Title: 
The Medieval Monastic Self and Social Responsibility: Structuring Identityin the Lives and Teachers of Saints Benedict and Gregory
Thesis Committee:
Claire Waters, Seeta Chaganti, Gregory Dobbins


Jennifer Gayle Halpin, M.A. 2004
Thesis Title: Gift Unpossessed: Community as Gift in The Calcutta Chromosome
Thesis Committee:
Bishnu Ghosh, Gregory Dobbins, Scott Shershow

Jessica Howell, M.A. 2004
     Thesis Title: 
Fatal skins: Richard Burton’s Colonial Lexicon (Not Currently Shelved in O'Connor)
     Thesis Committee: Bishnu Ghosh, Scott Shershow, Elizabeth Constable

Darcy Irvin, M.A. 2004
     Thesis Title: 
"Forward vision": Allegory in Michael Mazur’s Illustrations for The Inferno of Dante
(Not Currently Shelved in O'Connor)
     Thesis Committee: Alan Williamson, Seeta Chaganti, Blake Stimson

Jennifer Marion Norris, M.A. 2004
Thesis Title:
Obstinate about the Cross; The Converted Jew in Castle Rackrent
Thesis Committee:
Catherine Robson, Peter Dale, Gregory Dobbins

Melissa Jane Strong, M.A. 2004
Thesis Title: "Does a Girl Never have a Sphere of her Own?" Feminist Space, Lesbian Desire, and the New Woman in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's
Thesis Committee:
Elizabeth Freeman, Evan Watkins, Dianne Macleod


Celeste Marie Cruz, M.A. 2005
Thesis Title: The "Gracious Silence" of Displacement: Shakespeare's Virgilia in Rome and On Stage

     Thesis Committee: Frances Dolan, Margaret Ferguson, Richard Levin

Jessica Hope Jordan, M.A. 2005
Thesis Title: Adulterous Voices and Slanderous Tongues: Criminal Conversation in The Tragedie of Miriam and Othello

     Thesis Committee: Margaret Ferguson, Scott Shershow, Scott Simmon

Nicholas Justin McGee Luker, M.A. 2005
Thesis Title: A Shipwreck of a Relationship: Patronage in Shakespeare's Sonnets
Thesis Committee:
Richard Levin, Margaret Ferguson, Alan Williamson

Kathleen O'Brien, M.A. 2005
Thesis Title: "Thou Ill-Formed Offspring of My Feeble Brain": Anne Bradstreet's Monstrous Imagination
Thesis Committee:
David Van Leer, Margaret Ferguson, Elizabeth Freeman

Clara S. Van Zanten, M.A. 2005
Thesis Title: Undermining Ecocriticism: Reading the Ecologial Poetics of Brenda Hillman's Cascadia
Thesis Committee:
Timothy Morton, Joshua Clover, Elizabeth Freeman


Sean Michael David Allan, M.A. 2006
     Thesis Title: 
Bodies and the Machinations of Desire in the Films of Wong Kar-Wai and The Films of Tsai Ming-Liang

     Thesis Committee: Scott Simmon, Evan Watkins, Lu Sheldon

Cynthia Degnan, M.A. 2006
     Thesis Title: 
(Not Currently Shelved in O'Connor)
     Thesis Committee: David Van Leer, Elizabeth Freeman, Gayatri Gopinath

Valerie Ann Dennis, M.A. 2006
     Thesis Title: 
Playing with Demons: Demons and Audience in Medieval Cycle Plays

     Thesis Committee: Seeta Chaganti, Frances Dolan, Noah Guynn

Alysia Garrison, M.A. 2006
     Thesis Title: 
(Not Currently Shelved in O'Connor)
     Thesis Committee: Timothy Morton, David Simpson, Gregory Dobbins

Kristian Jensen, M.A. 2006
     Thesis Title: 
(Not Currently Shelved in O'Connor)
     Thesis Committee: Scott Simmon, Elizabeth Freeman, Michael Ziser

Sarah Juliet Lauro, M.A. 2006
     Thesis Title: 
Into the White: A Study of Enjabment and Caesura in a Disabled Poetics
     Thesis Committee: Scott Simmon, Joshua Clover, Sandra McPherson

Melanie Christine Madden, M.A. 2006
     Thesis Title: 
The Border Gothic in Arturo Islas' The Rain God
     Thesis Committee:
Desirée Martín, Elizabeth Freeman, Anna Kuhn

Laura Susan Molander, M.A. 2006
     Thesis Title: 
The Patient Rewritten: Body Mastery and the Doctor-Patient Relationship
     Thesis Committee:
Catherine Robson, Colin Milburn, Michael Ziser

Eric O'Brien, M.A. 2006
     Thesis Title: 
(Not Currently Shelved in O'Connor)
     Thesis Committee: Timothy Morton, David Simpson, Margaret Ferguson

Genevieve Beach Pearson, M.A. 2006
     Thesis Title: 
"Yet There is Hony in the Meanest Flowres" Muses and Metaphors in the Passion of Lanyer
     Thesis Committee: Margaret Ferguson, Frances Dolan, Seeta Chaganti


Ryan Dennis Fong, M.A. 2007
     Thesis Title: 
Ripping the Elizabethan Bodice: Narrating the Tudor Dynasty in Contemporary History and Fiction
     Thesis Committee: Frances Dolan, David Simpson, Gayatri Gopinath

Tolly Moseley, M.A. 2007
     Thesis Title: 
(Not Currently Shelved in O'Connor)
     Thesis Committee: Dianne Macleod, Frances Dolan, Elizabeth Constable

Esther Man-Wah Pun, M.A. 2007
     Thesis Title: 
9/11 Children's Literature: When and How is it appropriate to teach about 9/11?
     Thesis Committee: Evan Watkins, Yuuko Uchikoshi, Steve Athenases


Jolie Braun, M.A. 2008
     Thesis Title: 
England's Dead: Unmarked Graves, Memorialization and Home in Felicia Hemans's Poetry
     Thesis Committee: David Simpson, Elizabeth Constable, Kari Lokke


James Addona, M.A. 2010
     Thesis Title: Graffiti and Late Modernism in B.S. Johnson’s Christie Malry’s Own Double-Entry
     Thesis Committee: Gregory Dobbins, Scott Shershow, John Marx

Valerie Christine Billing, M.A. 2010
     Thesis Title: “Treble  marriage”: Margaret Cavendish, William Newcastle, and Collaborative Authorship
     Thesis Committee: Margaret Ferguson, Richard Levin, Alessa Johns

Claire Anna Dawkins, M.A. 2010
     Thesis Title:  “I’ll use that tongue I have” Contested Feminine Speech and Genre in The Winter’s Tale
     Thesis Committee: Margaret Ferguson, Frances Dolan, Richard Levin

Dyani Johns, M.A. 2010
     Thesis Title:Lat in youre brayn non other fantasie: Problems with Secret-Keeping and Genre in Troilus and Criseyde”
     Thesis Committee: Claire Waters, Seeta Chaganti, Margaret Ferguson

Sarah Elizabeth Klotz, M.A. 2010
     Thesis Title:
The Impact of Contagion on Race and Embodiment in Ludwig von Reizenstein’s The Mysteries of New Orleans”
     Thesis Committee: Hsuan Hsu, Mark Jerng, Michael Ziser

Kaitlin Patricia Walker, M.A. 2010
     Thesis Title:
Embroidering a Transnational Feminist Room of One’s Own: Desire, Labor, and Narrative in Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street and  Caramelo
     Thesis Committee: Hsuan Hsu, Desireé Martin, Elizabeth Freeman

Kristin Michelle Wehner, M.A. 2011
     Thesis: “Quite Like Old Times”: Jean Rhys, Emily Dickinson, and the Limits of Modernism”
     Thesis Committee: Elizabeth C. Miller (chair), Kathleen Frederickson, Joanne Feit Diehl


Ian Afflerbach, M.A. 2013
     Thesis: Blind Judgment: Liberalism in the Rhetoric and Reception of Richard Wright’s Native Son
     Thesis Committee: Mark Jerng (dir.), Matthew Stratton, Nathan Brown

Collin Davey, M.A. 2013
     Thesis:  Structure and Love in the Lais of Marie de France
     Thesis Committee: Seeta Chaganti (chair), Hsuan Hsu, Matthew Vernon


Emma Krosschell, M.A 2014
Native Traces and an "ethereal northern sort" of Maine ideology in Jewett's The Country of the Pointed Firs
     Thesis Committee: Hsuan Hsu (Chair), John Marx, Mark Jerng


Zachary Kissinger, M.A. 2015
The Consequences of Paradox: Gravitating Bodies and Spatiotemporality in Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves
     Thesis Committee: Colin Milburn (Chair), Mark Jerng, Desiree Martin

Kimberly Swanberg, M.A. 2015
Imagined Spaces and the Limits of Sympathy: Sensibility, Race, and Illness in the Colonial West Indies
     Thesis Committee: David Simpson (Chair), Elizabeth Freeman, Christopher Loar

George Vela, M.A. 2015
Cast Down Your Bullets Where You Are: Nat Love Works the Western
     Thesis Committee: Mark Jerng (Chair), Hsuan Hsu, Scott Simmon

Melissa Wang, M.A 2015
An Indictment of Whiteness: Zora Neale Hurston's Seraph on the Suwanee
     Thesis Committee: Mark Jerng (Chair), Parama Roy, Wendy Ho

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