The William Van O'Connor Library

English Department

Dissertations & Theses

The southeast corner of the William Van O'Connor Library is devoted to the theses and dissertations of graduates of the English Department's graduate programs in Creative Writing and English and American Literature.  Like most of the other collections in the library, the Dissertations & Theses Collection is non-circulating.

Search Tips: Once in the library, to locate works of interest, search the "Dissertations and Theses" catalogue located on the library computer by title, author, year, keyword, or (in most cases) committee member name.  For further tips on locating resources in this collection, see Using the Computer Catalogue: Searching for Dissertations & Theses.

For an online list of the library's master's thesis or dissertation holdings, follow the links below.




Master's Thesis Collection                            Doctoral Dissertation Collection





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