The William Van O'Connor Library

Doctoral Dissertations


Steve Howard Cassal

        Dissertation Title:        "'Honesty' in Shakespeare"

        Year of Graduation:       2003


Edgar H. Castellini

        Dissertation Title:        "Henry Thoreau's Exaggerations: His Theory and Philosophy of Language"

        Year of Graduation:       1991


Jean Balderson Cheney

        Dissertation Title:        "Daughters of the Earth: The Conception of Nature in the Writing of Four 

                                                American Women"

        Year of Graduation:       1993


Kevin John Clark

        Dissertation Title:        "American Catharsis"

        Year of Graduation:       1986


William Leon Coburn

        Dissertation Title:        "In Imitation of the Manner of Cervantes: Don Quixote and Joseph 


        Year of Graduation:       1969


William Joseph Collins

        Dissertation Title:        "Paths Not Taken: The Development, Structure, and Aesthetics of 

                                                Alternative History"

        Year of Graduation:       1990


Christine Amanda Colon

        Dissertation Title:        "Convictions of the Heart: Religion, Morality, and Reform in the Works of 

                                                Joanna Baillie, Anne Brontė, and Adelaide Procter"

        Year of Graduation:       2000


Richard Edward Compean

        Dissertation Title:        "Swift and The Lucianic Tradition"

        Year of Graduation:       1976


Daniel Joseph Cook

       Dissertation Title:       "Orthodoxy and Aporia in the Victorian Narrative of Unconversion"

       Year of Graduation:      2005


Marion Emma Cornell

        Dissertation Title:        "Frankenstein: The Other Side"

        Year of Graduation:       1996


Laurel Ann Weeks Corona

        Dissertation Title:        "Man into Beast: The Theme of Transformation in American and European 

                                                Fiction from the 1860's to the 1920's"

        Year of Graduation:       1982


Thomas Joseph Cousineau

        Dissertation Title:        "Imagination Dead Imagine: A Commentary on the Novels of Samuel 


        Year of Graduation:       1971


Diane Levine Cousineau

        Dissertation Title:        "Henry James and Virginia Woolf: A Comparative Study"

        Year of Graduation:       1975


Karen Castellucci Cox

        Dissertation Title:        "Merging Fictions: Community, Memory, and the Twentieth Century Story 


        Year of Graduation:       1996


Ursula Margot Crabtree

        Dissertation Title:        "Facing the Bogeyman: A Comparative Study of the Motif of the Double in 

                                                the Novels of Saul Bellow and Gunter Grass"

        Year of Graduation:       1978


Raymond Allen Craig

        Dissertation Title:        "The Stamp of the Word: The Poetics of Biblical Allusion in American 

                                                Puritan Poetry"

        Year of Graduation:       1989


Steven Scott Curry

        Dissertation Title:        "The Literature of Loss: A Study of Nineteenth-Century English and 

                                                American Fiction"

        Year of Graduation:       1976


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