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Doctoral Dissertations


Eugene Alfred Adam, Ph.D. 1975

     Dissertation Title: A Structural Study of the Major Novels of John Cooper Powys

     Dissertation Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), Peter Hays, Michael Hoffman

Jon K. Adams, Ph.D. 1983

     Dissertation Title: The Reader Pragmatics of Fiction

     Dissertation Committee:  Thomas Hanzo (dir), Manfred Kusch, James Woodress

Geoffrey Donovan Aggeler, Ph.D. 1966

     Dissertation Title: The Ethical Problems of Revenge in English Renaissance Tragedy

     Dissertation Committee: Linda Van Norden (dir), Hilton Landry, Elizabeth Homann, Linday Mann

Joseph Oran Aimone, Ph.D. 1996

     Dissertation Title: Vital Rhythms: Formalist Concepts in American Poetry

     Dissertation Committee: Alan Williamson (dir), Sandra Gilbert, David Van Leer


Christina Albasio, Ph.D. 1976

     Dissertation Title: Mark Twain: The Final Phase

     Dissertation Committee: James Woodress (dir), Everrett Carter, Robert Wiggins


Sean Michael David Allan, Ph.D. 2006

     Dissertation: "Breathin' The Sniper's Breath": Male Presence and Personae in Late Twentieth Century and Contemporary American Literature, 

     Film and Culture

     Dissertation Committee: Evan Watkins (dir), Riche Richardson, Scott Simmon

Mary Taylor Anderberg, Ph.D. 1993

     Dissertation Title: Charles Dickens and the Natural History of English Suicide: Narrative Disjunctions in the Victorian Novel of Community

     Dissertation Committee: Murray Baumgarten (dir), Robert Hopkins, Roland Marchand

David Michael Andersen, Ph.D. 1968  

     Dissertation Title: An Edition of the Middle English Ipomadon

     Dissertation Committee: Elizabeth Homann (dir), Linda Van Norden, Wayne Harsh


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