The William Van O'Connor Library

Creative Writing Master's Theses 2017


Chelsea Bryan, MA 2017
Thesis: Echo: A Novel
Thesis Committee: Pam Houston (Chair), Lucy Corin, Jeff Fort

Diana Chan, MA 2017
Thesis: Leaf Bright Night: Stories
Thesis Committee: Jacinda Townsend (Chair), Pam Houston, Yiyun Li

Ryan Horner, MA 2017
Thesis: The Complete: A Novel
Thesis Committee: Pam Houston (Chair), Lucy Corin, Yiyun Li

Zachary Kennedy-Lopez, MA 2017
Thesis: The Bodies of Men
Thesis Committee:  Jacinda Townsend (Chair), Lucy Corin, Pamela Houston

Jamil Kochai, MA 2017
Thesis: 99 Nights in Logar
Thesis Committee: Yiyun Li (Chair), Joe Wenderoth, Parama Roy

Laura Rivera Rodriquez, MA 2017
Thesis: Fiber Optics
Thesis Committee: Joshua Clover (Chair), Katie Peterson, Stephanie Boluk

Cody William Stetzel, MA 2017
Thesis: What You Damn Well Have To See and Other Poems
Thesis Committee:  Joe Wenderoth (Chair), Gregory Dobbins, Katie Peterson

Emma Train, MA 2017
Thesis: Of Love Maybe
Thesis Committee:  Katie Peterson (Chair), Joshua Clover, Margaret Ronda

Nicholas Yingling, MA 2017
Thesis: Litany for an Only Child
Thesis Committee:  Katie Peterson (Chair), Joe Wenderoth, Yiyun Li


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