The William Van O'Connor Library

Creative Writing Master's Theses 2016


Emma Boyce, M.A. 2016   
Thesis: A Noisy Heart: Stories
Thesis Committee: Pam Houston (director), Yiyun Li, Scott Simmon

Marshall Callaway, M.A. 2016
Thesis: Disinterment & Other Poems
Thesis Committee: Katie Peterson (director), Margaret Ronda, Joe Wenderoth

Seychelle De Luca, M.A. 2016 
Thesis: Strands A Memoir
Thesis Committee: Pam Houston (director), Greg Glazner, Seeta Chaganti

Jacob Garber, M.A. 2016 
Thesis: Under the Valley
Thesis Committee: Lucy Corin (director), Joshua Clover, Mark Jerng

Will Greene, M.A. 2016 
Thesis: Josie & the Pimp
Thesis Committee: Joe Wenderoth (director), Lucy Corin, Annie Liontas

Kateland Harte, M.A. 2016 
Thesis: Messiahs
Thesis Committee: Lucy Corin (director), Katie Peterson, Joshua Clover

Amanda Hickok, M.A. 2016  
Thesis: Burning or Dodging
Thesis Committee: Joshua Clover (director), Lucy Corin, Margaret Ronda

Jen Li, M.A. 2016 
Thesis: Lost Children & Other Stories
Thesis Committee: Yiyun Li (director), Greg Glazner, Lucy Corin

Nicholas Malone, M.A. 2016 
Thesis: Cafe Poems: I'm like an Extra in a Series of Failed Romance Movies
Thesis Committee: Joshua Clover (director), Lucy Corin, Margaret Ronda

Becky Mandelbaum, M.A. 2016
Thesis: Howl If You Hurt: Kansas Stories
Thesis Committee: Pam Houston (director), Yiyun Li, Annie Liontas

Sarah Murray, M.A. 2016 
Thesis: Please Obey All Traffic Laws
Thesis Committee: Lucy Corin (director), Annie Liontas, Gina Bloom

Nancy Nguyen, M.A. 2016 
Thesis: She Deserves the World: Stories
Thesis Committee: Yiyun Li (director), Annie Liontas, Susette Min

Lauren Swift, M.A. 2016 
Thesis: In the Softer Wilderness
Thesis Committee: Joe Wenderoth (director), Katie Peterson, Pam Houston

Christina Turner, M.A. 2016  
Thesis: The Way Out: A Novel
Thesis Committee: Yiyun Li (director), Pam Houston, Annie Liontas


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