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Doctoral Dissertations 2014

Kristen Aldebol, Ph.D. 2014
Dissertation:  Managing a Literate Laity: The Pilgrimage of the Life of Man in Fifteenth-Century England
Dissertation Committee: Seeta Chaganti (Director), Noah Guynn, Jeffrey Ruda

Valerie Billing, Ph.D. 2014
Dissertation:  Big Women, Small Men: The Erotics of Size in Early Modern English Literature and Culture 
Dissertation Committee: Margaret Ferguson (Director), Gina Bloom, Frances Dolan

Will Elliott, Ph.D. 2014
 ‘Losing Alaska to the Name Itself’: Elegy and Futurity in a Changing North
Dissertation Committee: Michael Ziser (Director), Hsuan Hsu, Timothy Morton

Matt Franks,
 Ph.D. 2014
 Queer Eugenics: Modernism and the Biopolitics of Uplift
Dissertation Committee: Elizabeth Freeman (Co-Director), Gregory Dobbins (Co-Director), Kathleen Frederickson

Erin Hendel,
 Ph.D. 2014
 We the Separate Peoples: Literatures of Alternative Nationalisms in the United States 1800-1900
Dissertation Committee: Michael Ziser (Director), Elizabeth Freeman, Inés Hernandez-Ávila

Tanner Jupin,
 Ph.D. 2014
 Gamic Fiction: the Intermediation of Literature and Games
Dissertation Committee: Colin Milburn (Director), Joseph Dumit, Mark Jerng

Sarah Klotz,
 Ph.D. 2014
 Sentimental Literacies: Grief, Writing, and American Indigenous Rights 1820-1885
Dissertation Committee:  Mark Jerng (Co-Director), Carl Whithaus (Co-Director), Hsuan Hsu

Kelly Neil,
 Ph.D. 2014
: Inscrutable Suicide: Politics, Gender, and the Felo De Se in Early Modern Drama
Dissertation Committee: Fran Dolan (Director), Gina Bloom, Margaret Ferguson

Erin Paszko, Ph.D. 2014
Dissertation: Reluctant Realism: on Postcolonialism, Terrorism, and the Contemporary Crisis of Capitalism
Dissertation Committee: Neil Larson (Director), Gregory Dobbins, John Marx

Grace Tirapelle, Ph.D. 2014
Dissertation: Hotel Publics: Space, Hospitality, and U.S. Literature, 1893-2010
Dissertation Committee: Hsuan Hsu (Director), Mark Jerng, Evan Watkins

Nicholas Valvo, Ph.D. 2014
Dissertation: Penurious Payments: Debt, Dependence, and Communal Form in Eighteenth-Century Britain 
Dissertation Committee: David Simpson (Director), Alessa Johns, Gregory Clark


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