The William Van O'Connor Library

Creative Writing Master's Theses 2013


Brook Erin Barman, M.A. 2013 
     Thesis: Animus Revertendi
     Committee Members: Joshua Clover (dir.), Joe Wenderoth, Nathan Brown        

Paola Capó-García, M.A. 2013
     Thesis: grains and pigs
     Thesis Committee:  Joe Wenderoth (dir.), Joshua Clover, Pam Houston

John Mark Huscher, M.A. 2013           
     Thesis: Amerikai: A Novel
     Committee Members: Pam Houston (dir.), Lynn Freed, Yiyun Li        

Shane Michael Kraus, M.A. 2013           
     Thesis:  Untitled  A Novella “Cassidy”  A Story            
     Committee Members: Pam Houston (dir.), Greg Glazner, Gregory Dobbins   
Gregg LaGambina, M.A. 2013   
     Thesis: The Fairgoers: A Novel
     Committee Members: Pam Houston (dir.), Lynn Freed, Greg Glazner     
Eleanor Athena Liu, M.A. 2013
     Thesis:Aim of the Dreamer
     Committee Members:     Lucy Corin (dir.), Pam Houston, Yiyun Li              
Arthur Middleton, M.A. 2013    
     Thesis: Little  Machine, A Novella and Two Stories
     Committee Members: Lucy Corin (dir.), Joshua Clover, John Marx           

Charles John Morello III, M.A. 2013                        
     Thesis:  Going Places
     Committee Members: Joe Wenderoth (dir.), Joshua Clover, Alan Williamson        
Andrea Ostlund, M.A. 2013          
     Thesis: Rare Flower Hunters: Stories
Committee Members: Pam Houston (dir.), Lucy Corin, Lynn Freed        

Eric Sneathen, M.A. 2013        
     Thesis: Description of Service
     Committee Members: Joshua Clover (dir.), Alan Williamson, Elizabeth Freeman        

Kurt Wooden, M.A. 2013       
     Thesis: Cold Carriage
     Committee Members: Joshua Clover (dir.), Alan Williamson, Joe Wenderoth   


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