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Doctoral Dissertations 2013


Alexis Aoonwentsiio Imrie Cattivera, Ph.D. 2013
     Dissertation: At Home and on the Road: The Politics of Postwar Space in American Literature and Film
     Dissertation Committee: Scott Simmon (dir.), Evan Watkins, Hsuan Hsu

Claire Anna Dawkins, Ph.D. 2013
     Dissertation:  Not a Whore: The Defense against Slander in Early Modern English Romances
     Dissertation Committee:  Margaret Ferguson (dir.), Frances Dolan, Richard Levin

Karen Michelle Embry, Ph.D. 2013
     Dissertation: The Incalculable Truth of Art: Thinking Through the Artwork in the Twentieth Century
     Dissertation Committee: Gerhard Richter, (dir.), David Simpson, Scott Shershow, Blake Stimson

Alysia Garrison, Ph.D. 2013
     Dissertation: The Secret History of the Circum-Atlantic Novel
     Dissertation Committee: David Simpson (dir.), Bishnupriya Ghosh (dir.), Gregory Dobbins

Anett Kristin Jessop, Ph.D. 2013
     Dissertation: Definitional Poetics: Modernist Poetry, Language, and The Word Woman
     Dissertation Committee: Alan Williamson (dir.), Elizabeth Freeman, Scott Shershow

Timothy Kreiner, Ph.D. 2013
     Dissertation: The Long Downturn and its Discontents: Language Writing and the New Left
     Dissertation Committee: Joshua Clover (dir.), Neil Larsen, Chris Nealon

Britt Eira Nicole Long, Ph.D. 2013
     Dissertation: Choose Your Own Adventure: Fandom, Authorship, and Alternate History in an Age of New Media
     Dissertation Committee: Colin Milburn (dir.), Nathan Brown, Evan Watkins

Eric E. O’Brien, Ph.D. 2013
     Dissertation:  Inexpressible: The Agrarian Roots of Romantic Rhetoric
     Dissertation Committee: Timothy Morton (dir.), David Simpson, Michael Ziser

Ryan Hall Page, Ph.D. 2013
     Dissertation: The Melodramatic Diegesis: Sensational Realism, Dramatism, and the Advent of Literary Naturalism
     Dissertation Committee: Elizabeth Miller (dir.), John Marx, Scott Shershow

Laurel Anne Recker, Ph.D. 2013
     Dissertation:  Chronotopias: The Politics of Time and Space in Transatlantic Modernisms
     Dissertation Committee: John Marx (dir.), Joshua Clover, Elizabeth Freeman

Julie Ha Tran, Ph.D. 2013
     Dissertation:  Alien Cities: Anxieties about Race, Space, and the Body Politic in the Science Fiction City
     Dissertation Committee: Colin Milburn (dir.), Scott Shershow, Scott Simmon

Barbara Erin Zimbalist, Ph.D. 2013
     Dissertation: Translating Christ in Medieval Women’s Visionary Texts
     Dissertation Committee:  Claire Waters (dir.), Seeta Chaganti, Noah Guynn



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