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Creative Writing Master's Theses 2011


Hiroki (Kiik) Araki-Kawaguchi, M.A., 2011
     Thesis: “The Joy of Human Sacrifice”
     Thesis Committee: Joe Wenderoth (dir.), Greg Glazner, Alan Williamson

Keith Carver, M.A. 2011
     Thesis: Marshall, MI, Pop. 7,871”
     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston (dir.), Lucy Corin, Joe Wenderoth

Megan Cummins, M.A. 2011
     Thesis: “Nothing About This Is Going to be Secret”
     Thesis Committee: Lucy Corin (dir.), Pam Houston, Yiyun Li

Justine El-Khazen, M.A. 2011
     Thesis: “A dream of the body in pieces”
     Thesis Committee: Joe Wenderoth (dir.), Nathan Brown, Timothy Morton

Aaron Fai, M.A. 2011
     Thesis: “If We Should Ever Meet”
     Thesis Committee: Lucy Corin (dir.), Yiyun Li, Pam Houston

Jonathan Hoffer, M.A. 2011
     Thesis: “The Last Stand”
     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston (dir.), Joe Wenderoth, Yiyun Li

Masaki Matsuo, M.A. 2011
     Thesis: “Our Ears Hear Only the Rushing Waters”
     Thesis Committee: Lucy Corin, (dir.), Yiyun Li, Timothy Morton

Melissa Mickelson, M.A. 2011
     Thesis: “Your Person, Your Place”
     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston (dir.), Lucy Corin, Greg Glazner

Lauren Norton, M.A. 2011
     Thesis: “Muscle & Nerve”
     Thesis Committee: Alan Williamson (dir.), Yiyun Li, Greg Glazner

Kaelyn Riley, M.A. 2011
     Thesis: “Yet trills pretty well—“
     Thesis Committee: Joe Wenderoth (dir.), Greg Glazner, Pam Houston

 Daniel Robinson, M.A. 2011
     Thesis: “everything & all”
     Thesis Committee: Joe Wenderoth (dir.), Gregory Glazner, Alan Williamson

Naushad Ulhaq, M.A. 2011
     Thesis: “Miraculous Decorum”
     Thesis Committee: Gregory Glazner (dir.), Joe Wenderoth, Alan Williamson





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