The William Van O'Connor Library

Doctoral Dissertations 2010

Catherine Minyee Fung, Ph.D. 2010
     Dissertation: Perpeetual Refugee: Memory of the Vietnam War in Asian American Literature
     Dissertation Committee: Mark Jerng (co-dir.), Elizabeth Freeman (co-dir.), Sunaina Maira

Margaret Eustace France, Ph.D. 2010
     Dissertation: Now for Something Completely Different: Non Sequitur Sequels in Daniel Defoe, Sarah Fielding and Sarah Scott
     Dissertation Committee: Alessa Johns (dir), Catherine Robson, Evan Watkins

Natalie Renee Giannini, Ph.D. 2010
     Dissertation: Serving at the Pleasure of the Queen: Staging Counsel in Elizabethan England
Dissertation Committee: Frances Dolan (dir.), Margaret Ferguson, Gina Bloom

Daniel Bernard Thomas Glass, Ph.D. 2010
     Dissertation: Total Noise: Language Poetry, Hip-Hop, and Urban Collapse
     Dissertation Committee: Joshua Clover (dir.), Elizabeth Freeman, Sandra Graham

Lynn T. Langmade, Ph.D. 2010
     Dissertation GemiNation: A Theory of Twin Literary Criticism in American Literature
     Dissertation Committee: Elizabeth Freeman (dir), David Van Leer, Evan Watkins, Elisabeth Krimmer

Nathan Earl Milos, Ph.D. 2010
     Dissertation:Messthetics as an Alternative to the Avant Garde
     Dissertation Committee: Alan Williamson (dir), Joe Wenderoth, Patricia Moran

Kyle Pivetti, Ph.D. 2010
     Dissertation: “We’ll Remember With Advantage”: National Memory and Literary Form in Early Modern England
     Dissertation Committee: Margaret Ferguson (dir), Frances Dolan, David Simpson

Katharine Anne Rodger, Ph.D. 2010
     Dissertation: Toward the Western Sea”: Science, Culture, and Narrative in the American Pacific
     Dissertation Committee:Jack Hicks (dir), Colin Milburn, Louis Warren

Karen Chase Walker, Ph.D. 2010
     Dissertation: Dark Side of the Machine: Race, Technology, and Nonhumanist Beings in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, Lelie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony, and Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian & The Road
     Dissertation Committee: Colin Milburn (dir.), Riche Richardson, Desireé Martín

Keri Anne Wolf, Ph.D. 2010
     Dissertation: Place, Space, and Identity in Six Old English “Comitatus Poems”
     Dissertation Committee: Marijane Osborn (dir.), Seeta Chaganti, Frances Dolan, Claire Waters

Clara Van Zanten, Ph.D. 2010
     Dissertation: Word Clouds: Ashbery, Weather Poems, Ecology
     Dissertation Committee: Timothy Morton (dir.), Joshua Clover, Michael Ziser




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