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Doctoral Dissertations 2009

Melissa Bender, Ph.D. 2009
"Work Hard and Act Right": The Neoliberal Self-Made Individual in U.S. Memoir
     Dissertation Committee:
Evan Watkins (dir), Elizabeth Freeman, Pam Houston

Gretchen Braun, Ph.D. 2009
A Writing of Fire Within: Trauma, Transgression, and Gender in Victorian Fiction
    Dissertation Committee:
Peter Dale (dir), Elizabeth Constable, Parama Roy  

Karen Gonzalez Burchett, Ph.D. 2009
Dissertation: Platform of Influence: The Power of Public Speaking in Nineteeth-Century American Fiction

     Dissertation Committee: Linda Morris (dir), Evan Watkins, Don Abbott

Ann Pogue Jacobsen, Ph.D. 2009
The Poetics of Interiority: Emily Dickinson, Edith Wharton, Willa Cather and the Use of Interior Space
     Dissertation Committee:
Joanne Diehl (dir), Patricia Moran, Alan Williamson

Colleen Marie Pauza, Ph.D. 2009
     Dissertation: Mysticism and the Mind: Varieties of Subjectivity in British and Irish Fiction, 1860-1940 and Beyond
     Dissertation Committee: Patricia Moran (dir.), Elizabeth Constable, Peter Dale

Vanita Reddy, Ph.D. 2009
Re-Modeling Minority: Mapping Critical Femininities in the South Asian American Diaspora
Committee: Bishnupriya Ghosh (dir.), Gayatri Gopinath, Elizabeth Freeman
Christopher Schaberg, Ph.D. 2009
Airport Reading
     Dissertation Committee:
Scott Shershow (dir), Caren Kaplan, Colin Milburn, Timothy Morton   

Kendra O'Neal Smith, Ph.D. 2009
     Dissertation: Untimely Translatio In Fourteenth-Century British Literature
     Dissertation Committee: Claire Waters (dir), Seeta Chaganti, Margaret Ferguson

Melissa Strong, Ph.D. 2009
A Taste For Charity: The Cultural Work of American Women's Benevolence Literature, 1850-1910
     Dissertation Committee:
Elizabeth Freeman (dir.), Dianne Macleod, Catherine Robson

Kara Thompson, Ph.D. 2009
A Romance with Many Reservatons: American Indian Figurations and the Globalization of Indigeneity
     Dissertation Committee: Elizabeth Freeman (dir.), Bishnupriya Ghosh, Desireé Martín, Juana Maria Rodriguez

Julie Ann Wilhelm, Ph.D. 2009
The Funny Business of 19th-Century Sentamentalism
     Dissertation Committee: Elizabeth Freeman (dir.), Linda Morris, Michael Ziser



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