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Doctoral Dissertations 2008

Shellie Banga, Ph.D. 2008

     Dissertation: A Banquet of Silhouettes: William Least Heat-Moon's Travel Trilogy in Context

     Dissertation Committee: Michael Ziser (dir), Linda Morris, Dean MacCannell

Steven Ryan Blevins, Ph.D. 2008

     Dissertation: History Unhoused: Imagining Redress in Post-Imperial Britain (not currently shelved in O'Connor)

     Dissertation Committee: Bishnu Ghosh (dir), David Simpson, Greg Dobbins

Seth Forrest, Ph. D. 2008

     Dissertation: "Thus Far the Transmission is Oral": Orality, Aurality, and the Poetry of the Black Mountain School

     Dissertation Committee: Alan Williamson (dir), Joshua Clover, Joanne Feit Diehl

Maura Kathleen Grady, Ph.D. 2008

     Dissertation: "I'm telling you she's your man:" the Female Organization Man in Twentieth Century Fiction and Film

     Dissertation Committee: Scott Simmon (dir), Elizabeth Freeman, David Van Leer

Jennifer Diann Jones, Ph.D. 2008

     Dissertation: Noteworthy Fiction: The Function of Voice, Music, and Silence in the Novels of George Eliot

     Dissertation Committee: Peter Dale (dir), Catherine Robson, Christopher Reynolds

Jessica Jordan, Ph.D. 2008

     Dissertation: Sex and the Goddess: Hyper-Femininity in American Film

     Disseration Committee: Scott Simmon (dir), Marijane Osborn, Kari Lokke

Andrea Caroline Lawson, Ph.D. 2008

     Dissertation: Reading Farewell Gifts in Early Modern Drama and Poetry

     Dissertation Committee: Frances Dolan (dir), Claire Waters, Margaret Ferguson    

Anthony Rudolph Magagna, Ph.D. 2008

     Dissertation: Placing The West: Landscape, Literature, and Identity in the American West

     Disseration Committee: Jack Hicks (dir), Alan Williamson, Louis Warren

Poonam Sachdev, Ph.D. 2008

     Dissertation: The 'Gypsy' As Muse and Metaphor: Modernity, Mobility and a People's Struggle for Subjectivity

     Dissertation Committee: Neil Larsen (dir), Georges Van den Abbeele, Gayatri Gopinath, Elizabeth Freeman    



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