The William Van O'Connor Library

Creative Writing Master's Theses 2007


Scott Howard Bransford, M.A. 2007                  

     Thesis: Jericho Halfway (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Lynn Freed, Joshua Clover, Lucy Corin

Michael Louis Clearwater, M.A. 2007                

     Thesis: A Gaze With Which You Keep Them (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Joe Wenderoth, Sandra McPherson, Alan Williamson

Mischa Kuczynski Erickson, M.A. 2007                

     Thesis: Above White (Poetry)

    Thesis Committee: Alan Williamson, Sandra McPherson, Joe Wenderoth

Dylan Eugene Godwin, M.A. 2007                  

     Thesis: The Animal I Go To (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Joe Wenderoth, Alan Williamson, Joshua Clover

Benjamin Eli Jahn, M.A. 2007                  

     Thesis: North of What Matters (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston, Jack Hicks, Alan Williamson

William Felix Samuel Kaufman, M.A. 2007                  

     Thesis: Tranist Mundus (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Lynn Freed,Pam Houston, Lucy Corin, Colin Milburn

Krista Ann Keyes, M.A. 2007                  

     Thesis: The Nature of Misbehaving: Stories (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Lucy Corin, Lynn Freed, Karl Zender

Reema Rajbanshi, M.A. 2007                 

     Thesis: Sugar, Smoke, Song (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston, Lucy Corin, Riche Richardson

Ashima Sood, M.A. 2007                  

     Thesis: India Gate: Stories and a Novella (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Lynn Freed, Pam Houston, Lucy Corin

Cora Stryker, M.A. 2007                  

     Thesis: So-Called Science (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Lynn Freed, Pam Houston, Lucy Corin

Naomi Williams, M.A. 2007                  

     Thesis: The King's Voyage and Other Stories (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston, Lucy Corin, Alessa Johns



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