The William Van O'Connor Library

Doctoral Dissertations 2007

Jessica May Howell , Ph.D. 2007

     Dissertation: Under the Weather: Disease, Race and Climate in Victorian Tales of Travel

     Dissertation Committee: Catherine Robson (dir), Bishnu Ghosh, Michael Ziser, Faith Fitzgerald

Jung-Kook Paik , Ph.D. 2007

     Dissertation: Shakespeare's Strangers, Resistance, and State Power

     Dissertation Committee: Margaret Ferguson (dir), Frances Dolan, Richard Levin

Jeffrey Ross Smith, Ph.D. 2007        

     Dissertation: Hazardous Reconstitutions: Imitation and the Production of the Self in Late Nineteenth-Century American Fiction

     Dissertation Committee: Linda Morrs (dir), Elizabeth Freeman, Karl Zender

Candace Hull Taylor , Ph. D. 2007

     Dissertation: "A prudent feruentnesse or a feruent prudence": Reading Prudence in Classical, Patristic and Medieval Texts

     Dissertation Committee: Claire Waters (dir), Margaret Ferguson, Seeta Chaganti

Karen Ross Wilson, Ph.D. 2007

     Dissertation: Marriage and the Problem of Evil in Works by John Milton and Margaret Cavendish

     Dissertation Committee: Margaret Ferguson (dir), Frances Dolan, Richard Levin


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