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Doctoral Dissertations 2006

Sean Michael David Allan, Ph.D. 2006

     Dissertation: "Breathin' The Sniper's Breath": Male Presence and Personae in Late Twentieth Century and Contemporary American Literature, 

     Film and Culture

     Dissertation Committee: Evan Watkins (dir), Riche Richardson, Scott Simmon

Ann Bliss, Ph.D. 2006

     Dissertation: "Fixing" The Family: The Function of the Family Photograph in Albums and Literature

     Dissertation Committee: Elizabeth Freeman (dir), Bishnu Ghosh, Hertha D. Sweet Wong

Mark Bradshaw Busbee, Ph. D. 2006

     Dissertation: N.F.S. Grundtvig's Interpretation of Beowulf as a Living Heroic Poem for the People

     Dissertation Committee: Marijane Osborn (dir), John Lindow, Robert Bjork

Helena M. Feder, Ph.D. 2006

     Dissertation: Coming into Culture: Ecocultural Materialism and the Bildungsroman

     Dissertation Committee: David Robertson (dir), Alan Williamson, Neil Larsen

Brynne Motiska Gray, Ph.D. 2006

     Dissertation: From Swords to Plowshares: Representations of Christian Missionaries in British Literature, 1805-1847

     Dissertation Committee: Kari Lokke (dir), Bishnu Ghosh, Catherine Robson

Jennifer Michelle Hoofard, Ph.D. 2006

     Dissertation: Flesh Wounds: Reading the Scar as Text in the Work of Sylvia Plath, Margaret Atwood and Toni Morrison

     Disseration Committee: Joanne Feit Diehl (dir), Sandra Gilbert, Elizabeth Freeman

Christian John Kiefer, Ph.D. 2006        

     Dissertation: A Specifically Human Truth: Fiction and History in the American West (not currently shelved in O'Connor)

     Dissertation Committee: Jack Hicks (dir), Michael Hoffman, Alan Williamson

Jennifer Samaine Lockwood, Ph.D. 2006

     Dissertation: Recollecting a Region: Gender, Tourism, and the Literature of New England, 1870-1900

     Dissertation Committee: Elizabeth Freeman (dir), Linda Morris, Karen Halttunen    

Elaine Kathleen Musgrave , Ph.D. 2006

     Dissertation: Shadows of Mutiny: Englishness, Masculinity, and the 1857 Indian Uprising in the Victorian Imagination

     Disseration Committee: Catherine Robson (dir), Bishnu Ghosh, Peter Dale

Jodi Rene Schorb, Ph.D. 2006        

     Dissertation: From Sodomy to Indian Death: Sexuality, Race, and Structures of Feeling in Early American Execution Narratives (not currently shelved in O'Connor)

     Dissertation Committee: David Van Leer (dir), Elizabeth Freeman, Linda Morris

Karma Waltonen, Ph.D. 2006

     Dissertation: Reading Margaret Atwood in Theory and Practice: Active Reading, Witnessing, and Community

     Dissertation Committee: Lynette Hunter (dir), Gail Finney, Elizabeth Freeman    



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