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Doctoral Dissertations 2005

Daniel Joseph Cook, Ph.D. 2005

    Dissertation: Orthodoxy and Aporia in the Victorian Narrative of Unconversion

    Dissertation Committee: David Simpson (dir), Catherin Robson, Peter Dale

Aaron Kirk DiFranco, Ph.D. 2005                

    Dissertation: Available Ground: Shaping American Nature Poetry

    Dissertation Committee: Michael Hoffman (dir), Alan Williamson, David Robertson

Dana Yuen Fore, Ph.D. 2005                         

     Dissertation: Masculinity, Disability, and the Literature of Bodies on Display

     Dissertation Committee: Winfried Schleiner (dir), Peter Hays, Catherine Kudlick

Onnaca Heron, Ph.D. 2005                           

     Dissertation: The Design of Aemilia Lanyer's Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum (not currently shelved in O'Connor)

     Dissertation Committee: Margaret Ferguson (dir), Traill, Raymond Waddington

Kathleen Marie Kalpin, Ph.D. 2005               

     Dissertation: Charming Tongues: Representations of Women's Speech in Early Modern England

     Dissertation Committee: Margaret Ferguson (dir), Bill Worthen, Richard Levin, Frances Dolan

Roy Osamu Kamada, Jr., Ph.D. 2005             

     Dissertation: Postcolonial Romanticisms: Landscape and the Possibilities of Inheritance in the Work of Jamaica Kincaid, Garrett Hongo and Derek Walcott

     Dissertation Committee: David Simpson (dir), Riche Richardson, Linda Morris

Marit Johann MacArthur, Ph.D. 2005         

     Dissertation: Abandoning the House: Landscape Meditation in 20th Century American Poetry (not currently shelved in O'Connor)

     Dissertation Committee: Alan Williamson (dir), Sandra Gilbert, David Simpson

Kella De Castro Svetich, Ph.D. 2005                

    Dissertation: Flesh and Blood: Colonial Trauma and Abjection in Contemporary Filipino American Fiction

    Dissertation Committee: Karen Shimakawa (dir), Michael Hoffman, Patricia Moran, Richard Kim

J. Chris Westgate, Ph.D. 2005                          

    Dissertation: Staging the Metropolis: Theater, Politics & the American City

    Dissertation Committee: Scott Shershow (dir), Lynette Hunter, Bill Worthen

Anjali Jolene Williams, Ph.D. 2005                  

     Dissertation: Strange Contrasts: Intersubjectivity and the Cohesion of Romance in the Novels of Charlotte Bronte and Jean Rhys

     Dissertation Committee: Patricia Moran (dir), Catherin Robson, Elizabeth Constable


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