The William Van O'Connor Library

Creative Writing Master's Theses 2004


Catherine Bull, M.A. 2004                  

     Thesis: Exsanguniation, For Instance (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Joshua Clover, Alan Williamson, Sandra Gilbert

Yasemin Gadelhak, M.A. 2004                 

     Thesis: Dare Me (Fiction)

    Thesis Committee: Jack Hicks, Pam Houston, Joe Wenderoth

Mandy Jo Gourley , M.A. 2004                  

     Thesis: Yank (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston, Joe Wenderoth, Fenton Johnson

Hogan Hayes, M.A. 2004                  

     Thesis: Mifflin (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Clarence Major, Pam Houston, Jack Hicks

Eve Marion Imagine, M.A. 2004                  

     Thesis: Recognizable People in My Universe (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston, Lynn Freed, Riche Richardson

Mandy Dawn Kuntz, M.A. 2004                  

     Thesis: Chopping Bricks With an Axe (Fiction/Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Lynn Freed, David Robertson, Sandra Gilbert

Brian Andrew Larsen, M.A. 2004                  

     Thesis: For Your Consideration (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Lynn Freed, Pam Houston, Clarence Major

Jennifer Caroline Meyer, M.A. 2004                  

     Thesis: The Way Out (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston, Joe Wenderoth, Karen Joy Fowler

Noga Naxon, M.A. 2004                  

     Thesis: In Search of Ariadne's Crown (not currently shelved in O'Connor)

     Thesis Committee: Pam Houston, Alan Williamson, Fenton Johnson

Virginia Elizabeth Robinson, M.A. 2004                  

     Thesis: Salt in the Mouth (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Sandra McPherson, Joe Wenderoth, Alan Williamson

Katherine Viola Swoboda, M.A. 2004                  

     Thesis: La Vida Nueva (Fiction)

     Thesis Committee: Lynn Freed, Pam Houston, Sandra Gilbert

Virginia Whitney Weigand, M.A. 2004                  

     Thesis: Sunny Noir (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Alan Williamson, Sandra McPherson, Sandra Gilbert

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