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Doctoral Dissertations 1998

Laurie Duesing, Ph.D. 1998

     Dissertation: Restraint and Rapture: The Confessional Legacy in Late 20th Century American Poetry

     Dissertation Committee: Clarence Major (dir), Alan Williamson, Joanne Feit Diehl

Lisa Catherine Harper, Ph.D. 1998

     Dissertation: Embodying Gender: The Politics of Form in American Literature, 1850-1900 (Missing)

     Dissertation Committee:

Eileen Hermann-Miller, Ph.D. 1998

     Dissertation: Eugene O'Neill: The Misprized Modernist

     Dissertation Committee: Peter Hays (dir), Seth Schein, Gail Finney

Joseph Robert Mills, Ph.D. 1998

     Dissertation: Laughter in a Wasteland: The Satire of James Thurber, George S. Schuyler and Dawn Powell

     Dissertation Committee: Michael Hoffman (dir), Linda Morris, Gail Finney

Sally Broadbent Palmer, Ph.D. 1998

     Dissertation: Relegated Relations: The British Aunt in Nineteenth-Century Fiction

     Dissertation Committee: Catherine Robson (dir), Kari Lokke, Dianne Sachko MacLeod

Danielle Cunniff Plumer, Ph.D. 1998

     Dissertation: Langland, Kempe, Chaucer, and the "Makynges" of Authority

     Dissertation Committee: Margit Stange (dir), Caron Cioffi, James Murphy

Judith Mary Rose, Ph.D. 1998

     Dissertation: "The First Fruits of a Woman's Wit:" Re-appropriation of the Metaphor of Conception by Early Modern Women

     Dissertation Committee: Raymond Waddington (dir), Juliana Schiesari, Louise Schleiner

Katrina Kathleen Schimmoeller, Ph.D. 1998

     Dissertation: Humor in the House: Wendell Berry, Rachel Carson, Edward Abbey, and Louise Erdrich

     Dissertation Committee: David Robertson (dir), Linda Morris, Gary Snyder



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