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Doctoral Dissertations 1995


Jennifer Anne Bullis, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Wisely Armed: The Psychology of Self and Satire in the Novels of Dawn Powell, Mary McCarthy, andMuriel Spark

     Dissertation Committee: Sandra Gilbert (dir), Michael Hoffman, Patricia Moran

Anne Dannenberg, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Discourse and Difference in Native American Autobiography (not currently shelved in O'Connor)

     Dissertation Committee: Michael Kramer (dir), David Van Leer, Norma Alarcon, Louis Owens

Carl Peter Eby, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Hemingway's Fetishism: Psychoanalysis and the Mirror of Manhood

     Dissertation Committee: Peter Hays (dir), Michael Hoffman, Sandra Gilbert

Mark Thomas Hoyer, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Dancing Ghosts: Mary Austin's Synthesis of Native American and Biblical Mythologies

     Dissertation Committee: David Robertson (dir), Michael Kramer, Steven Crum

Martin Michael Japtok, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Growing Up Ethnic: African American and Jewish American Literary Perspectives Compared

     Dissertation Committee: Michael Kramer (dir), Linda Morris, Patricia Turner

David Linebarger, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Wallace Stevens and Modern Music : from Stravinsky to John Cage (not currently shelved in O'Connor)

     Dissertation Committee: David Robertson (dir), Sandra Gilbert, Alan Williamson

Susan Ruth Lonac, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Myth and the Maternal: The Novels of Charlotte Brontė

     Dissertation Committee: Kari Lokke (dir), Sandra Gilbert, Patricia Moran

Dale Metcalfe, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: White Women and Indians: Lydia Maria Child Through Mary Austin

     Dissertation Committee: David Robertson (dir), Michael Kramer, Linda Morris

David Arthur Reinheimer, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Renaissance Uses of the Inset Play: Metadramaturgy and the Construction of Performance

     Dissertation Committee: Raymond Waddington (dir), Winfried Schleiner, Karl Zender

Rebecca Sammel, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Irreverence and Authority: A Study of Medieval Parody in Latin and Middle English (not currently shelved in O'Connor)

     Dissertation Committee: James Murphy (dir), Traill, Caron Cioffi

Michael James Steffes, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Bitter Arcadia: The Old European Wild in Sidney, Spenser, and Shakespeare

     Dissertation Committee: Winfried Schleiner (dir), Richard Levin, Gary Snyder

Ann Elizabeth ter Haar, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: Migrancy in the Making: From Expatriate Modernism to Postcolonial Cosmopolitanism

     Dissertation Committee: Sandra Gilbert (dir), Michael Hoffman, Robert Torrance

Lorraine Beryl Valestuk, Ph.D. 1995

     Dissertation: World-Making: Anthropomorphic Cosmology and Cartography of the Middle Ages

     Dissertation Committee: Marijane Osborn (dir), Georges Van den Abbeele, Benjamin Orlove                  


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