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Creative Writing Master's Theses 1995


Lindsey Elizabeth Crittenden, M.A. 1995 

     Thesis: Arise and Go (Short stories)

     Thesis Committee: Jane Vandenburgh, Max Byrd, Alan Williamson

Edward Fristrom, M.A. 1995             

     Thesis: Exercises: For Eight Fingers (not currently shelved in O'Connor)

     Thesis Committee: Max Byrd, Michael Hoffman, Clarence Major

Pos Moua, M.A. 1995 

     Thesis: The World Where The Torches Are Burning (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Gary Snyder, Alan Williamson, Sandra McPherson

Maryann Owens, M.A. 1995            

     Thesis:  Above and Below Water (not currently shelved in O'Connor)

     Thesis Committee: Sandra McPherson, Gary Snyder, Sandra Gilbert

Hokeun Song, M.A. 1995       

     Thesis: We Will Travel (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Sandra McPherson, Alan Williamson, Gary Snyder                     

Michael Warren, M.A. 1995    

     Thesis: Liquid Theory (Poetry)

     Thesis Committee: Alan Williamson, Sandra McPherson, Clarence Major

William Arnold Westwater, M.A. 1995     

     Thesis: Will (Short stories)

     Thesis Committee: Jane Vandenburgh, Linda Morris, Max Byrd


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