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Doctoral Dissertations 1993


Mary Taylor Anderberg, Ph.D. 1993

     Dissertation: Charles Dickens and the Natural History of English Suicide: Narrative Disjunctions in the Victorian Novel of Community

     Dissertation Committee: Murray Baumgarten, Robert Hopkins, Roland Marchand

Jean Balderson Cheney, Ph.D. 1993

     Dissertation: Daughters of the Earth: The Conception of Nature in the Writing of Four American Women

     Dissertation Committee: David Robertson (dir), Gary Snyder, Linda Morris

Paula Friedman, Ph.D. 1993

     Dissertation: Narrative and Lyric Combined: A Look at Contemporary Poetic Structure (not currently shelved in O'Connor)

     Dissertation Committee: Alan Williamson (dir), Sandra Gilbert, Patricia Moran

Andrew Kirk, Ph.D. 1993

     Dissertation: The "Mirror of Confusion": The Representation of French History in English Renaissance Drama (not currently shelved in O'Connor)

     Dissertation Committee: Raymond Waddington, Winfried Schleiner, Karl Zender

Gary Paul Konas, Ph.D. 1993

     Dissertation: From Gershwin to Sondheim: The Pulitzer Prize-winning Musicals

     Dissertation Committee: Peter Hays, William Kleb, David Van Leer

Catherine Carr Lee, Ph.D. 1993

     Dissertation: Hawthorne's Witches: Representations of Gender and Deviance

     Dissertation Committee: David Van Leer (dir), Michael Kramer, Sandra Gilbert

Jacqueline Mary O'Connor, Ph.D. 1993

     Dissertation:Tennessee Williams Dramatizes Dementia

     Dissertation Committee: Ruby Cohn (dir), Peter Hays, Karl Zender

Alan J. Silva, Ph.D. 1993

     Dissertation: Rituals of Empowerment: Politics and Rhetoric in the Puritan Election Sermon

     Dissertation Committee: David Van Leer (dir), Michael Kramer, Margit Stange

Loretta Lindgren Voorhees, Ph.D. 1993

     Dissertation: James Boswell's Journals: A Record of Consciousness and Culture

     Dissertation Committee: Max Byrd, Robert Hopkins, Norma Landau



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