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Doctoral Dissertations 1990


William Joseph Collins, Ph.D. 1990

     Dissertation: Paths Not Taken: The Development, Structure, and Aesthetics of Alternative History

     Dissertation Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), Peter Hays, Jack Hicks

Pamela Hope Demory, Ph.D. 1990

     Dissertation: "A Wilderness of Words": Referentiality in the Works of Joseph Conrad

     Dissertation Committee: Michael Hoffman (dir), Alan Williamson, Robert Torrance

Carolyn Hares-Stryker, Ph.D. 1990

     Dissertation: Sleeping in the Midst of the Sea: The Motif of the Heroine Adrift in Medieval Romance

     Dissertation Committee: Daniel Silvia (dir), James Murphy, Winfried Schleiner

Marilyn Crawford Jones, Ph.D. 1990

     Dissertation: On Her Own Premises: The Life, Politics, and Art of Meridel Le Sueur

     Dissertation Committee: Jack Hicks (dir), Diane Johnson Murray

Gerald Stephen Pike, Ph.D. 1990

     Dissertation: A Concert of One: Voice in the Short Fiction of F. Scott Fitzgerald

     Dissertation Committee: Michael Hoffman (dir), Peter Hays, James Woodress

Karen Schaafsma, Ph.D. 1990

     Dissertation: Beyond the Between: The Paradoxical Journey of Fantasy Literature

     Dissertation Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), David Robertson, Roland Holrmann

John Albert Stenzel, Ph.D. 1990

     Dissertation: Shakespeare's Comedies of Awareness: Scenic Structure, Multiple Perspective and Characterization

     Dissertation Committee: Richard Levin (dir), Winfreid Schleiner, Robert Sarlos

Debra Kaye Teachman, Ph.D. 1990

     Dissertation: Expectation and Inheritance: The Moral Economy of Jane Austen's Fiction

     Dissertation Committee: Robert Hopkins (dir), Peter Hays



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