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Doctoral Dissertations 1970-1979


Calvin Israel, Ph.D. 1970

     Dissertation: American Puritan Literary Theory: 1620-1660

     Dissertation Committee: Robert Wiggins (dir), Brom Weber, Hans Galinsky

Reid Norris Maynard, Ph.D. 1970

     Dissertation: The Writer and Experience: Ernest Hemingway's Views on the Craft of Fiction

     Dissertation Committee: Brom Weber (dir), Robert Wiggins, Peter Hays

Elinore Hughes Partridge, Ph.D. 1970

     Dissertation: Emerson: A Stylistic Analysis of His Prose

     Dissertation Committee: Michael Hoffman (dir), Robert Wiggins, Brom Weber

Elaine Cottler Showalter, Ph.D. 1970

     Dissertation: Double Standard: Criticism of Women Writers in England, 1845-1880

     Dissertation Committee: Gwendolyn Needham (dir), Robert Wiggins, Elliot Gilbert



Thomas Joseph Cousineau, Ph.D. 1971

     Dissertation: Imagination Dead Imagine: A Commentary on the Novels of Samuel Beckett

     Disseration Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), Michael Hoffman, Marshall Lindsay

Burton Norval Hatlen, Ph.D. 1971

     Dissertation: The Snake in the Garden: Milton's Comus as Pastoral

     Dissertation Committee: Linda Van Norden (dir), Lindsay Mann, Thomas Hanzo

Richard Vincent Leahy, Ph.D. 1971

     Dissertation: The Divine Plan for Salvation in the Medieval Saints' Legends

     Disseration Committee: Elizabeth Homann (dir), Wayne Harsh, Valerie Tumins

Judson Taylor Monroe , Ph.D. 1971

     Dissertation: Tragedy in the Novels of the Reverend Charles Robert Maturin

     Disseration Committee: Gwendolyn Needham (dir), Elliot Gilbert, Robert Hopkins

Margaret Anne O'Connor, Ph.D. 1971

     Dissertation: Willa Cather and the Short Story

     Dissertation Committee: James Woodress (dir), Robert Wiggins, Brom Weber

Jan Richard Piggott, Ph.D. 1971

     Dissertation: The Context of Yeats's "Sailing to Byzantium"

     Disseration Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), Michael Hoffman, Elliot Gilbert

John Joseph Pollock, Ph.D. 1971

     Dissertation: Patterns of Motion in the Poetic Imagery of Donne, George Herbert, Crashaw, and Vaughan

     Disseration Committee: Linda Van Norden (dir), Lindsay Mann, Thomas Hanzo

Mary Frances Rey Weddle, Ph.D. 1971

     Dissertation: Garden and the Wilderness: Traditional Moral Landscape in Hawthorne's Fiction

     Dissertation Committee: James Woodress (dir), Michael Hoffman, Brom Weber

Benjamin Goddman Whitten, Jr., Ph.D. 1971

     Dissertation: Jane Austen's "Comedy of Feeling": A Critical Analysis of Persuasion

     Disseration Committee: Gwedolyn Needham (dir), Arthur McGuinness, Diane Johnson Murray



Melvin Ralph Bertolozzi, Ph.D. 1972

     Dissertation: Joseph Addison: Mr. Spectator and the Man of Taste

     Disseration Committee: Gwedolyn Needham (dir), Joseph Baird, James Woodress

John Roger Holdstock, Ph.D. 1972

     Dissertation: The Origins of Subversive Literature in English

     Dissertation Committee: Daniel Silvia (dir), Linda Van Norden

James Joseph Lynch, Ph.D. 1972

     Dissertation: The Mediating Figure in Shakespeare

     Disseration Committee: Elizabeth Homann (dir), Linda Van Norden, Peter Hays

James Elliott Marlow, Ph.D. 1972

     Dissertation: A Rhetorical and Thematic Analysis of Charles Dickens's Our Mutual Friend

     Disseration Committee: Gwendolyn Needham (dir), Elliot Gilbert, Elizabeth Homann

Max Henry Massey, Ph.D. 1972

     Dissertation:  Charles Stuart Calverley, Poet and Parodist

     Dissertation Committee: Diane Johnson Murray (dir), William Baker, Robert Wiggins

David Roy Overton, Ph.D. 1972

     Dissertation: Structure and Theme in the Plays of John Whiting

     Disseration Committee: Michael Hoffman (dir), Peter Hays, Alan Stambusky

John Vincent Regan, Ph.D. 1972

     Dissertation: The Christian Structure of Pope's Dunciad

     Disseration Committee: Arthur McGuinness (dir), Gwendolyn Needham, Robert Hopkins

Norman Stanley Roby, Ph.D. 1972

     Dissertation: The Secret Self of George Meredith: A Study of His Heroes

     Dissertation Committee: Diane Johnson Murray (dir), William Baker, Michael Hoffman

 Kevin Padriac Roddy, Ph.D. 1972

     Dissertation: "Who is This King of Glory?": The Epic Element in English Cycle Drama

     Disseration Committee: Elizabeth Homann (dir), Daniel Silvia, Robert Sarlos

Stewart Speakman, Ph.D. 1972

     Dissertation: Wit, Humor, and Sensibility in Evelina, Belinda and Northanger Abbey

     Disseration Committee: Gwedolyn Needham (dir), Robert Hopkins


Glenn J. Broadhead, Ph.D. 1973

     Dissertation: The Rhetoric of Conversation: Essays on Eighteenth-Century English Criticism of "Familiar Discourse"

     Disseration Committee: Robert Hopkins (dir), Arthur McGuinness, Richard Schwab

Janice Zita Grover, Ph.D. 1973

     Dissertation: Luxury and Leisure in Early Nineteenth Century America: Saratoga Springs and the Rise of the Resort

     Dissertation Committee: James Woodress (dir), Wilson Smith, David Wilson

Kathleen Hulley, Ph.D. 1973

     Dissertation: Disintegration as Symbol of Community: A Study of The Rainbow, Women in Love, Light in August, Prisoner of Grace, Except the Lord, Not Honor More, and Herzog

     Disseration Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), Michael Hoffman, Elliot Gilbert

George William Ludington, Ph.D. 1973

     Dissertation: Tristram Shandy's Conversations with his Readers

     Disseration Committee: Gwendolyn Needham (dir), Elliot Gilbert, Thomas Hanzo

James Robert Payne, Ph.D. 1973

     Dissertation: Style and Meaning in American Autobiography: William Dean Howells, Henry James, Hamlin Garland

     Dissertation Committee: James Woodress (dir), Thomas Hanzo, Robert Wiggins Woodress

Carole Schauls Stahlkopf, Ph.D. 1973

     Dissertation: Rhetoric and Comic Technique in Richard Brinsley Sheridan's The Rivals and The School for Scandal

     Disseration Committee: Gwendolyn Needham (dir), Robert Fahrner, Elizabeth Homann

Alfred Christopher Wagstaff, Ph.D. 1973

     Dissertation: Make It New: A Study of the American Aspects of Ezra Pound's Cantos

     Disseration Committee: Brom Weber (dir), Robert Wiggins, Karl Shapiro



Thomas Jeffrey Evans, Ph.D. 1974

     Dissertation: Realism in the Novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald

     Disseration Committee: Brom Weber (dir), James Woodress, Michael Hoffman

Hugh Brian Fitzpatrick, Ph.D. 1974

     Dissertation: Symbolic Action in the 1655 Edition of Henry Vaughan's Silex Scintillans

     Dissertation Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), Arthur Amos Jr., Winfried Schleiner

Charles Terry Kollerer, Ph.D. 1974

     Dissertation: The Valved Voice: A Stylistic Analysis of Whitman's 1855 Leaves of Grass

     Disseration Committee: James Woodress (dir), Wayne Harsh, Michael Hoffman

Neal David Kreitzer, Ph.D. 1974

     Dissertation: The Quest for Identity in the Novels of Bernard Malamud

     Disseration Committee: Karl Shapiro (dir), Robert Hopkins, Thomas Hanzo

Stephen Edward Peithman, Ph.D. 1974

     Dissertation: The Pervasive "I": Narrative Point of View in Poe's Tales

     Dissertation Committee: Robert Wiggins (dir), David Johnson, James Woodress

Nelson Christian Sager, Ph.D. 1974

     Dissertation: The Crisis of Identity in the Anglo-Indian Fiction of Rudyard Kipling

     Disseration Committee: Elliot Gilbert (dir), Diane Johnson Murray, Michael Hoffman

Gerda Ree Segall Seaman, Ph.D. 1974

     Dissertation: The Equivocal Satire of Thomas Nashe

     Disseration Committee: Elizabeth Homann (dir), Arthur Amos Jr., Joan C. Carr

Michael Wayne Vella, Ph.D. 1974

     Dissertation: Inner Vision and Society in the American Novel

     Dissertation Committee: James Woodress (dir), Peter Hays, David Wilson

Thomas Anthony Weaver, Ph.D. 1974

     Dissertation: Worlds Enough and Time: A Study of the Novels of John Hawkes

     Disseration Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), Michael Hoffman, Brom Weber



Eugene Alfred Adam, Ph.D. 1975

     Dissertation: A Structural Study of the Major Novels of John Cooper Powys

     Disseration Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), Peter Hays, Michael Hoffman

Daniel Harry Bultman, Ph.D. 1975

     Dissertation: The Evolution of the Epic Novel in America

     Dissertation Committee: Peter Hays (dir), Michael Hoffman, David Robertson

Diane Levine Cousineau, Ph.D. 1975

     Dissertation: Henry James and Virginia Woolf: A Comparative Study

     Disseration Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), William Baker, Elliot Gilbert

Dorothy Gilbert, Ph.D. 1975

     Dissertation: The Rude Sweetness: A Study of Chaucer's Prosody and of Its Examiners

     Disseration Committee: Daniel Silvia (dir),Thomas Hanzo

Sharon Ann Locy, Ph.D. 1975

     Dissertation: Of Two Minds: Arthur Symons and the Symbolist Dilemma

     Dissertation Committee: Elliot Gilbert (dir), Diane Johnson Murray, Thomas Hanzo

Don W. Sieker, Ph.D. 1975

     Dissertation: Henry Fielding as Playwright: A Study of Relationships between Comic Drama and Moral Purpose

     Disseration Committee: Robert Hopkins (dir), Joan Carr, Robert Fahrner


Christina Albasio, Ph.D. 1976

     Dissertation: Mark Twain: The Final Phase

     Disseration Committee: James Woodress (dir), Everett Carter, Robert Wiggins

Frank E. Buske, Ph.D. 1976

     Dissertation: The Wilderness, the Frontier and the Literature of Alaska to 1914: John Muir, Jack London and Rex Beach

     Dissertation Committee: Brom Weber (dir), James Woodress, Everett Carter

Richard Edward Compean, Ph.D. 1976

     Dissertation: Swift and The Lucianic Tradition

     Disseration Committee: Robert Hopkins (dir), Peter Hays, Arthur McGuinness

Steven Scott Curry, Ph.D. 1976

     Dissertation: The Literature of Loss: A Study of Nineteenth-Century English and American Fiction

     Disseration Committee: Peter Hays (dir), Elliot Gilbert, Thomas Hanzo

Jean Johnson Gandesbery, Ph.D. 1976

     Dissertation: Versions of the Mother in the Novels of Jane Austen and George Eliot

     Dissertation Committee: Diane Johnson Murray (dir), Robert Hopkins, Peter Hays

Sarah Emily Newton, Ph.D. 1976

     Dissertation: An Ornament to her Sex: Rhetorics of Persuasion in Early American Conduct Literature for Women and the Eighteenth-Century American Seduction Novel

     Disseration Committee: David Wilson (dir), James Woodress, Robert Hopkins

Marilyn Merritt Schwartz, Ph.D. 1976

     Dissertation: From Beat to Beatific: Religious Ideas in the Writings of Kerouac, Ginsberg, and Corso

     Disseration Committee: Brom Weber (dir), Michael Hoffman, Karl Shapiro

Harry B. Wilson, Ph.D. 1976

     Dissertation: Psychological Projection in Six Romantic Poems, English and American

     Dissertation Committee: Michael Hoffman (dir), David Robertson, James Woodress



William David Haggerty, Jr., Ph.D. 1977

     Dissertation: Entangled Absalom: A Critical Study of Wyndham Lewis as Modernist and Satirist

     Disseration Committee: Brom Weber (dir), Robert Hopkins, Michael Hoffman

John Harger Hillis, Ph.D. 1977

     Dissertation: Conrad's Exoticism

     Dissertation Committee: Elliot Gilbert (dir), Diane Johnson Murray, Michael Hoffman

Carlton Thomas Holte, Ph.D. 1977

     Dissertation: Taming the Rock: Myth, Model, and Metaphor in the Novels of Anthony Burgess

     Disseration Committee: Brom Weber (dir), Jack Hicks, Michael Hoffman

Ronald Levitt Lanyi, Ph.D. 1977

     Dissertation: Comic Book Creativity as Displaced Aggression

     Disseration Committee: William Baker (dir), Arthur Amos Jr., David Wilson



Ursula Margot Crabtree, Jr., Ph.D. 1978

     Dissertation: Facing the Bogeyman: A Comparative Study of the Motif of the Double in the Novels of Saul Bellow and Gunter Grass

     Disseration Committee: Peter Hays (dir), Michael Hoffman, Thomas Hanzo

Paul Charles Privateer, Ph.D. 1978

     Dissertation: The Romantic Cogito: Poetic Identity in Blake and Wordsworth

     Dissertation Committee: Elliot Gilbert (dir), Robert Hopkins, Michael Hoffman



Kirk Hans Beetz, Ph.D. 1979

     Dissertation: The Collected Letters of Wilkie Collins: Volume One

     Disseration Committee: Elliot Gilbert (dir), Robert Hopkins, Diane Johnson Murray

Robert Con Davis, Ph.D. 1979

     Dissertation: Revenge Against Time: The Father in Fiction

     Dissertation Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), James Woodress, Elliot Gilbert

Kitty Chen Dean, Ph.D. 1979

     Dissertation: "Maritalis affectus": Attitudes towards Marriage in English and French Medieval Literature

     Disseration Committee: Daniel Silvia (dir), James Spamer, Gerald Aeruiad

Steven Swann Jones, Ph.D. 1979

     Dissertation: The Construction of the Folktale

     Disseration Committee: Peter Hays (dir), Alan Dundes, David Robertson, Daniel Crowley

Patrick James O'Donnell, Ph.D. 1979

     Dissertation: The Fragile Web: Interpretation as Subject in Contemporary Fiction

     Dissertation Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), Michael Hoffman, Jack Hicks

Scott Allan Simmon, Ph.D. 1979

     Dissertation: The Ulysses Tradition: Open and Closed Form in the Novels of James Joyce, William Gaddis, and Thoman Pynchon

     Disseration Committee: Michael Hoffman (dir), Peter Hays, Jack Hicks                    


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