The William Van O'Connor Library

Doctoral Dissertations 1964-1969


Seymour Leonard Weingart , Ph.D. 1964

     Dissertation:The Form and Meaning of the Impressionist Novel

     Dissertation Committee: William Van O'Connor (dir), Thomas Hanzo, Robert Wiggins



Geoffrey Donovan Aggeler, Ph.D. 1966

     Dissertation: The Ethical Problems of Revenge in English Renaissance Tragedy

     Dissertation Committee: Linda Van Norden (dir), Hilton Landry, Elizabeth Homann, Lindsay Mann

Francis Joseph Battaglia, Ph.D. 1966

     Dissertation: The Problem of Reliability in Joyce Cary's Political Trilogy

     Dissertation Committee: William Van O'Connor (dir), Solomon Nickman, Thomas Hanzo

Robert Edward Lougy, Ph.D. 1966

     Dissertation: Thematic Imagery and Symbolic Action in the Poetry of Algernon Charles Swinburne

     Dissertation Committee:

Robert Holt Meyer, Ph.D. 1966

     Dissertation: Seventeenth-century Contemplative Poetry: An Imitation of Mystical Experience

     Dissertation Committee:

Seymour Migdal, Ph.D. 1966

     Dissertation: The Social Novel in Victorian England

     Disseration Committee:

Robert Eno Russell, Ph.D. 1966

     Dissertation: Dryden's Juvenal and Persius

     Dissertation Committee: Gwendolyn Needham (dir), Linda Van Norden, Edward Honig   

Edgar Larry Squires, Ph.D. 1966

     Dissertation: The Necessity for Self-awakening in the Scientific Romances and Early Social Novels of H. G. Wells

     Disseration Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), William Van O'Connor



John Patrick Brennan, Ph.D. 1967

     Dissertation: The Chaucerian Text of Jerome Adversus Jovinianum: An Edition Based on Pembroke College, Cambridge, MS 234

     Dissertation Committee: Elizabeth Homann (dir), Lindsay Mann, Daniel Silvia

Douglas Hanson Taylor, Ph.D. 1966

     Dissertation: John Wise and the Development of American Prose Style

     Dissertation Committee:        



David Michael Andersen, Ph.D. 1968

     Dissertation: An Edition of the Middle English Ipomadon

     Dissertation Committee: Elizabeth Homann (dir), Linda Van Norden, Wayne Harsh

Harriet Horowitz Blodgett, Ph.D. 1968

     Dissertation: Circles of Reality: A Reading of the Novels of Elizabeth Bowen

     Dissertation Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), Gwendolyn Needham, Elliot Gilbert

Cecelia Halbert, Ph.D. 1968

     Dissertation: The Art of the Lords Remembrancers: A Study of New England Puritan Histories

     Dissertation Committee: James Woodress (dir), Brom Weber, Robert Wiggins

Roland Hazen Lyford, Ph.D. 1968

     Dissertation: Grammatical Categories in Robert Frost's Blank Verse: A Quantitative Analysis

     Dissertation Committee: Brom Weber (dir), Robert Wiggins, Wayne Harsh

Kristoffer Frimann Paulson, Ph.D. 1968

     Dissertation: A Subject of Debate: A Re-evaluation of the Major Satires of John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester

     Disseration Committee: Linda Van Norden (dir), Robert Hopkins, Arthur McGuinness

Niklaus Rudolf Schweizer, Ph.D. 1968

     Dissertation: The Ut pictura poesis Controversy in Eighteenth-Century England and Germany

     Dissertation Committee: Gwendolyn Needham (dir), Linda Van Norden, Edward Honig   



William Leon Coburn, Ph.D. 1969

     Dissertation: In Imitation of the Manner of Cervantes: Don Quixote and Joseph Andrews

     Dissertation Committee: Gwendolyn Needham (dir), Donald Castanien, Robert Hopkins

Sid Carl Gershgoren, Ph.D. 1969

     Dissertation: Millennarian and Apocalyptic Literature from Thomas Burnet to William Blake

     Dissertation Committee: Linda Van Norden(dir), Lindsay Mann

Mary Elizabeth Hart  , Ph.D. 1969

     Dissertation: The Peers and Prelates Among Jonathan Swift's "Distinguished Friends Living and Dead

     Dissertation Committee: Robert Hopkins (dir), Arthur McGuinness, Thomas Hanzo

Ibrahim M. Muhawi, Ph.D. 1969

     Dissertation: A Study of Self and Other in the Novels of Aldous Huxley

     Dissertation Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), Peter Hays, Robert Wiggins

Bryan De Witt Reddick, Ph.D. 1969

     Dissertation: Tone in Dramatic Narrative

     Disseration Committee: Thomas Hanzo (dir), Michael Hoffman, Peter Hays

David Roland Sanderson, Ph.D. 1969

     Dissertation: English Prose of the Romantic Age: The Matter of Style

     Dissertation Committee: John Hayden (dir), Elliot Gilbert, Robert Hopkins

Peter Stansfield Stephenson, Ph.D. 1969

     Dissertation: Three Playwright-Novelists: The Contribution of Dramatic Techniques to Restoration and Early Eighteenth-century Prose Fiction

     Disseration Committee: Gwendolyn Needham (dir), Linda Van Norden, Robert Hopkins

John Edward Vernon, Ph.D. 1969

     Dissertation: The Garden and the Map: A Phenomenology of Literary and Cultural Schizophrenia

     Dissertation Committee: Thomas Hanzo(dir), Michael Hoffman, Karl Shapiro


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